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Together We Can Easily Fix Planet Earth With PeopleRisen!
Welcome to the future! All it takes is Your signature!

We are in the process of renaming our solution to PeopleRisen from Peopleisim you will find on some of the references & the current version of the UPC.

Many people have been fooled into believing "the end of the world" is "nigh". Recognize that the planet is around three and a half to four billion years old. The end of the world is not nigh, however, insane Mason & Jesuit controlled governments are actively engaged in their global genocide plan to eliminate seven billion humans. In the process Masons & Jesuits & their Elite Zionatzi masters may certainly end life as we know it on Earth, unless YOU get off your but & do something effective. These are not "Conspiracy Theories", they are well and irrefutably documented Facts of Criminal Conspiracies that stretch back at least 2,300 years before Julius Caesar changed the calendar, and likely close to two hundred thousands years before that, if one considers the Summerian Texts as accurate. With privately owned Central Banks such as the US Federal Reserve Bank, literally making money out of nothing, it is not at all surprising that the governments are owned and in the control of a small minority of "Elite" Zionatzi psychopaths. We want to keep as positive as possible, however, if you are at all disillusioned regarding the reality of what is really going on, and what has gone on here on Earth, a rapid education link is being prepared for you, to be linked from here.

YOU CAN FIX THE PLANET. PeopleRisen: Establishing balanced sustainable equitable Governance, Law, Courts, Banking, Agriculture, Resources, Technology and Homestead. Peace & elimination of poverty on the planet.

The Solution is Here. Together We Are The Government. Sigh IT NowSlideshow image

Something has got to be done about out of control government.
This is it.

It's really quite simple, instead of complaining about the useless corrupt government, all we need to do is take government back! It's really not complicated, all it takes is your signature. Don't bother protesting or petitioning government. You don't even need to go to war. All that is required is that you, together with your neighbor, stand together and implement a New Universal PeopleRisen Constitution that protects us and does not enslave us. When a majority of the people in your County sign the new Constitution, it's the law.

It really could not be simpler! The Earth Plan Is It.

As soon as a majority of us sign the New Universal PeopleRisen Constitution in a region, we define the new law, establish our own government, freedom & securing. The future becomes our reality.

Victor Hugo said "An invasion of armies can be resisted, but not an idea whose time has come." PeopleRisen.

What's PeopleRisen All About?..... in a nutshell PeopleRisen Definedearth

get it"PeopleRisen", is not Communism, it's not Capitalism or Socialism and it most certainly is not Stateism. PeopleRisen is true Democracy, taking the best of each and leaving out the worst... Learn more...

What's In It For You?

  • Freedom, Liberty, Life, Peace & the Pursuit of Happiness.
  • Security on the Land: Your own Homestead free of any tax or duties.
  • Income from Natural Resources shared equally amongst the people.
  • True Democracy: Real-time Voting, Honest Courts & Government in a Civilized Society where the people are the government and free from banking scams, wars & corruption & more.

What's Needed From You?

Why Voting In The Old System Won't Work. Politicians Lie, Bankers Steal.

There is much more going on than "meets the eye". While pretending to be democratic, governments today are nothing other than democaries of republics that cover up the international crime rings that own the banks. Pretending to offer justice, politicians offer "just us" and you're not one of them. All we get is Police States where the politicians and banksters steal everything in the name of democracy. Learn more...

How We're Doing It

It starts with you and ends with your neighbors. The only way we will make this a reality is when you take the effort to get everyone you know onboard. Our collective signatures is what makes this a reality. Everyone is a part of the project. If you have good organizing skills and can keep copies of the Constitution you get your neighbors to sign, you should become a Guardian of The Constitution. The Guardians will initially be responsible for collecting signatures on the Constitution then reporting the number and names of our fellow Citizens to us here. Once a region is won over, we will send teams to help train trainers and the people on running PeopleRisen themselves. Learn more...

Someone's Going To Ask If It's Legal?

Of course it's legal! No one can stop you from choosing your own government! The people are the government, kings, queens and dictators control is gone. If anyone tells you otherwise you know they are a liar.

Naturally, it's going to get very interesting when we take away the criminals political pawns, crooked judges and police. Naturally there are going to be some criminals who absolutely hate PeopleRisen as it shuts down their criminal gangs and stops their theft. Now we are going to see true law.

How You Can Help Make It Happen

People have to implement PeopleRisen. Without you, it's not going to happen. There are so many ways you can assist:

Spread the word
our message needs to go viral. Take the initiative. Setup blogs, twitter, Facebook and Myspace messages, print fliers & the Constitution & Signature pages. If you're a boffin in any of these areas, sign up with the team and help directly. no taxHowever, everyone should spread the word;

Sign up to be a Guardian of the Constitution
sign up people in your community to make it happen;

we're putting everything we have into this, any contribution will go a long way;

Give feedback
as to what you like & don't like in the Universal PeopleRisen Constitution;

If you would like to help or make a contribution, please fill out the Contact Form or send an email to


The EARTH Plan Mission Statement:
To make the world a better place,
showing respect for all nature,
operating with complete integrity,
in love.


Please Feel Free To Copy & Replicate This Site & The Universal PeopleRisen Constitution

The purpose of the Copyright is to provide a common Universal PeopleRisen Constitution, & cooperation between all PeopleRisen regions. If you wish to change or add key elements please contact to suggest improvements, recognizing the significant effort it takes to get all regions to update to a common Constitution. Your contributions of time & money can help make this a reality. By adopting a standard Universal PeopleRisen Constitution we stand together in a unified force that is impossible to hold back.