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Why Voting In Elections Is Worse Than Pointless.

"Those who vote decide noting. Those who count the votes decide everything." - Josef Stalin, Russia.

You don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure out the simple fact that if the central bank is a private bank with the authority to literally make money out of nothing, then obviously the owners of the bank also own the politicians and political parties. They can buy anything they want, especially politicians, police, judges the media and schools.

Let's just repeat that again so it sinks in. The majority of Nations Central Banks who make currencies like the US Dollar, the Euro and the South African Rand are privately owned by criminal cartels. It's easy enough to find out whether the bank is private or public. Simply ask to see the complete share register. Ownership of these banks is shrouded in secrecy, just like any criminal cartel or gang.

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US Federal Reserve BankThe world's worst criminal banking cartel is without any question of doubt the criminal cartel that literally owns the United States Federal Reserve Bank. Most people believe the US Fed is a government owned and controlled bank not realizing that the US Fed Bank is a private bank. From what we can gather the US Fed Bank is owned by the Rothschild's of London and Berlin; the Lazard Brothers from Paris, France; Israel Moses Seaf of Italy; Kuhn, Loeb & Co. of Germany and New York; Warburg & Company of Hamburg, Germany; Lehman Brothers of New York; Goldman, Sachs of New York; and Rockefeller Brothers of New York. However, we don't have access to the banks share register so this leaked information could be off.

"Let me issue and control a nation's money, and I care not who writes its laws" - Meyer Amchel RothschildSouth African Reserve Bank

There are a number of outstanding documentaries exposing the criminals behind banking. Click on one of the images to Learn more.

The owners of the US Fed Bank literally initiated World War One and Two where they owned the factories who made armaments for both sides. When you simply plot the facts relating to the interest rates they charged on money they literally make out of nothing, their criminal intent become even more obvious.

When it comes to the European Bank or the South African Reserve Bank, the secrecy of ownership is even more closely guarded by the banksters. Not only are the bank's private companies, their tax collection agencies like the IRS & SARS are also private. This allows them to keep their theft and fraud secret. In South Africa the Reserve Bank owners send trucks to the mines and tells them to fill them up, three days later they pay the mines with money they literally make out of nothing. While SARS con trolls Customs, allowing them to let in and out of the country whatever they want, the SA Reserve Bank will sometimes pay the owners of the owners of the US Federal Reserve Bank in gold for US Dollars the US Fed literally makes out of nothing, a process they call "Balance of Payments". You can read how the SA Reserve Bank employees are sworn to secrecy regarding their foreign holdings by reading.

Enough on banking for now, however, do not fail to fully comprehend that if private banks can make money out of nothing, there is nothing they cannot afford. How may US Dollars for your country? If that does not work (like Libya & Iraq), New Rome's Army is sent to invade. However all these wars and criminal acts depend on one thing, secrecy. Expose them to the masses & there done.


You can not listen to a speech made by the current cartel of pathetic politicians without hearing them tout on the word "democracy", coupled with a long list of promises you know they are not going to keep. However, what exactly is democracy? The concept first known to have been implemented in Greece. A democracy is a political system in which all the members of the society have an equal share of formal political power. Over 2400 years ago, the famous Greek general, Pericles, said, "It is true that we (Athenians) are called a democracy, for the administration is in the hands of the many and not the few, with equal justice to all alike in their private disputes.". A democracy requires that all citizens are be willing to take an active part in government. The Greek method which randomly selected 500 individuals to be the government for a period was not free of downfalls. However, the concept of democracy is that the people ultimately have the say. A republic on the other hand, requires the people to select and vote for representatives to make decisions for them. In the typical tow-party states of the New World Order (NWO), it is blatantly obvious that the people have no say in what goes on in government, the politicians lord it over the masses and make their own decisions, which is more like a Republic than a Democracy. However, in these NWO State's, the people do not have any choice over which representatives are eligible for vote, the political parties determine that, leaving the public the worst of two evils to vote for.

These NWO States are neither democracies nor republics. With tongue in cheek we can call them "Democaries of Republic's". It's a sham, the State holds all power, even selecting and paying every judge, making every law and then on top of that maintaining exclusive authority to prosecute. If the State pays both the judge and the prosecutor in a trial, how is impartiality maintained? The State is sovereign and rules supreme over the enslaved masses, what we call "Stateism".

There three City States of power on this planet, and they were all setup by Rome: The Vatican, which is not part of Italy; The inner City of London in the old Roman town of London; and the third City-State which like Rome was founded on seven hills where the river is similar in shape to the Tigris in Rome, on a Roman Catholic Jesuit Colony that was literally called New Rome, you know it today as Washington D.C.

Sadly most young folk today don't even know about the Roman Catholic Inquisition or the fact that the Jesuits were the evil criminals that ran around the world burning people at the stake for simply protesting against Rome's crimes and lies. Today that role has been primarily taken over by the Masons in this New Renaissance. It is important to understand history, as it is our only rear view mirror into which we can see the future. Those who do not know the problems of the past are bound to repeat them.

When one researches the real history (not the nonsense printed in the banker funded publishers and state schools curriculum), it is clear that the criminal cartel behind Rome and the bankers funded both Capitalism, Communism and Fascism. Hitter was even a bastard son of a Rothschid, his mother, a maid working for a philandering Rothschild was sent away pregnant. Prescott Bush, the father of US President George Bush Sr., was formally charged with "Trading with the enemy" for his role as a Director of Brown Brother's Bank in funding Hitter. Rome's Bankers also funded and supported Stalin, Pol Pot, Mao Zedung, the hard core Communists. Go back further and you find out that Rome established the city of London and Washington D.C., and furhter than that and you find out the Roman Catholic Church even supported Mohamed and helped with the invention of Islam, and naturally Christianity too. It's fascinating to trace the real history, the archeological and historical facts we were not taught about. However, the bottom line is what every one knows, our governments are useless pieces of s**t, to put it politely. The are a sham covering up for criminal bankers who's ties go directly to Rome. We know this, it's far too obvious our governments are nothing but a sham.

Consequentially, if you vote for the politician the limited political parties put forward, you vote for whomever controls the political party. Put money made out of nothing on the table and guess who controls the political parties?

Your vote endorses a criminal cartel that controls the political parties and commits fraudulent banking by making money out of nothing. By voting you give credit to criminals, you endorse the crimes committed against you. If you vote for a criminal, are you a criminal? If you pay tax to a terrorist are you a terrorist? Certainly these BAR Association Courts would find you guilty of what they are guilty of.