The Earth PLan

Q: But are you not Communists?

A: Peopleisim is not Communism, however it does implement some of the ideals of Socialism and Marxism while at the same time being Capitalistic in regard to eliminating tax on business.

The most significant difference between Peopleisim and Communism is that in Communism the State determines what to do with the people's money, while in Peopleisim the peoples money is distributed equally to each person. Additionally Peopleism recognizes that State controlled business are invariably utter failures, there is no State run business in Peopleisim.

In Peopleisim, whomever wishes to mine resources may propose to the people, the person or organization that gives the greatest return to the people gets the lease, optimizing the return to the people. To ensure an open market, anyone can come with a lease proposal on an existing public property or resource, if they are qualified and their proposal brings 20% greater return to the people they take over the lease. The existing lease holder may however counter with an equivalent improvement and maintain the lease.

What many are not aware of is that it was the NWO Illuminatzi Banksters who own the Central Banks in the US, UK and Europe who funded and initiated along with their Masonic & Jesuit henchmen the Bolschavek Revolution. Most people are unaware of the five million Dollars in gold coins the Schiff's & Rothschild's sent to Moscow on a train with Lenin and fifty other men to start the Bolshevik revolution. Or the ship with around three hundred and fifty of the American banksters terrorists that were sent from New York to Russia to instigate the revolution. The Banksters love Communism because it takes everything from the people and hands it to the State, which they control.

Peopleisim does not allow the State to control the People's Resources. Access to mineral resources and land beyond the Homestead is provided through open free-market principles. The highest bider on a lease of Public-Resources with the greatest quantifiable benefit to the People gets access to the mines and other resources, the profits from which are equally distributed to each Citizen.