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Q: Should it not, or would it not be better to design the Constitution by a Committee?

"A work of art never comes from a committee, all you get from a committee is a compromise." - SOC

A number of efforts to build Constitutions by committee have been attempted through history. One of the most recent is Iceland. Because of the Illuminatzi control of media and blackout of any of the good things going on in the word, few are aware that Iceland had a revolution in 2007. Known as the "Pots and Pans Revolution", Icelanders became aware of the banking fraud committed by Rothschild/Vatican bankers World Bank/IMF/IBC/Bank of England/US Federal Reserve Bank, the people got together, literally with pots, pans, eggs and tomatoes and surrounded their Parliament. Banking pots and pans the people literally shouted the politicians out of office. They arrested some politicians and some bankers, while other bankers fled Iceland. Calling new elections they elected a new government who established an open committee to write Iceland's new Constitution. Many years later the Icelandic Committee continues to fail to come up with even a working constitution.

Another classic example is the South African 1994 post-Apartheid Constitution, which fools tout as one of the best in the world. It too was established by a Committee. What is intriguing in regard to the South African Constitution is that any scholar of history knows full well that a trial by jury is absolutely mandatory if there is going to be justice, all civilizations going back as far as we can track, implemented jury trials. The South African Constitution grants the State exclusive authority to prosecute, while the State hires both the Judge and Prosecutor. In other words, both the judge and the prosecutor work for the same employer. Any competent judge knows full well that they cannot preside over a case where they have an interest, especially when the prosecutor is a colleague, this is known as "excess of jurisdiction" and is an exceptionally serious crime. The word "jury" is not even found anywhere in the South African Constitution. Consequentially, there is no way for the people to hold the government accountable and South Africa's government is one of the most corrupt in the world. More tell tale factors which show up the 1994 post-Apartheid Constitution as one of the worst in the world is the fact that it allows a private fiat-money Central Bank and tax collector, just like the US Federal Reserve Bank and IRS, epitomizing a New World Order structure that protects fraud in banking and government.

A Nation's Constitution is a highly complex structure. The most important characteristic of a Constitution is to optimize incentive though checks & balances, bringing maximum benefit to the people, while ensuring security on the land, with justice & prosperity for all. Balancing the interactions between governance, law, banking, security, intellectual property, technology, economy, education & ecology requires a significant cognitive comprehension, the interaction of which is impossible to accomplish in a committee environment.

Finding an individual who is an expert in technology, management, design, motivation, communications, war, weapons, , space, corruption, segregation, poverty, homeless ness, agriculture, economy, banking, business law, family law, criminal law, religion, physics, material science, mining, manufacturing, science, education, history and government, one would imagine is practically impossible to find in one individual. The extraordinary life and experiences of the Founder & Architect of Peopleisim amazingly covers all these domains. The Universal Peopleisim Constitution reflects what could never come from a Committee, it reflects a work of art and love taking the science of constitutions to a new plateau.