The Earth PLan

Q:I would really like to know what this is about,sounds interesting. Please give a brief summary, I would like to help and spread the word.

A: Peopleisim is really a simple strategy and a tremendous solution.

Just as the people of United States of America took control of their own Nation with the signing of a new Constitution, we too are doing the same. However, we are carrying it out in a more significant and secure manner. By getting a majority of the people in a County to sign the Universal Peopleisim Constitution they vote in their new future.

The elections offered by the Political parties and the ruling government are "their" elections. Despite poor voter turnout and evidence of election fraud, the people are only offered two or three candidates the political parties choose as the political parties Presidential representative. In other words, whom ever controls the Political Parties, determines who the people can vote for.

The track record of the current New World Order governments is the best measure of what they deliver: fraudulent banking; tenders that reward friends of politicians; corruption to the core and a pathetic economy where the people are subject to involuntary servitude and tax slavery. Add the corruption of the courts, ever increasing licensing demands and costly regulations with decreasing government services, what these politicians have to offer, gets worse every year. So what? We don't need them!

We are starting a new era, a new paradigm in Peopleisim, we simply sign in the future with the Universal Peopleisim Constitution. It's really that easy. Naturally, we will help train people to be their own government, however, many are equally as capable amongst themselves. During the Apartheid struggle in South Africa, impoverished shanty towns kicked out the government's police and courts and formed their own. What is interesting is that people are easily capable of running their own government, especially if sound guidelines and a Constitution that supports it is provided. When people run their own government, there is not only far more accountability, there is a sense and understanding amongst the people that they are the government. Responsibility follows.

The key strength of the Universal Peopleisim Constitution is the unity it provides between Counties, Provinces & Nations around the world. By all standing together, it becomes practically impossible for a minority of interests that dominates current politics, to seize power from people united in Peopleisim.

Join us! Or take what we have prepared and use it to drive liberty in your own County.

Let us know where you are based so we can start connecting people in various areas to coordinate their own liberty.

These are exciting times!


P.S. Consider that your contribution and assistance will eliminate your tax while giving you security and pease on the land. It is a sound investment.