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Q: No Tax? What about Infrastructure?

That's right Peopleisim eliminates both personal and business tax. However, not income from the people's resources which is distributed equally to each Citizen equally. The question then is where does money come from for infrastructure? First, obviously we need to ask exactly what the existing governments are doing with money they collect in taxes. The US Government, for example spends half of what they collect on WAR, illegally invading any nation that does not have a government that enables and protects the international criminal banking cartels with their privately owned central banks that literally make money out of nothing and lend it to the people plus interest. Naturally a question in regard to that issue is why does the bank not just make money to pay for services & infrastructure? We will answer that in the banking section. However, it turn out that the US Government spends a ridiculously small 2.3% XXXX of the taxes they collect on Infrastructure.

Look into it, most of your infrastructure costs like communication systems, electricity, education, garbage & water you pay for! The government does not give you these, and whenever the government is involved, even if it is only from a regulatory perspective, the costs go up, such as when the government regulated telephone systems. Many of the new roads the governments build get toll's slapped on them, besides the government jacks up the fuel costs with huge tax increases to pocket most of the money they use on roads. However, it gets worse when you look carefully at what is going on.

Back in the 1040's Tesla was already generating free electricity, you can even run engines on water (The Founder of Peopleism has worked with engines that combust water). There are more than five thousand Gag Orders the Government has slapped on Technology Patents, including all the free-energy and anti-gravity patents. The Government is literally, along with their Masonic & Jesuit Masters, censoring all the technology that would make roads and expensive fuel unnecessary. The taxes you pay for "Infrastructure" are simply used against you to force you to use outdated modes of transport and infrastructure that cost's an arm and a leg and enslaves you to the very governments who pretend they are helping you.

It is easy enough to figure out the fuel and anti-gravity censorship and scam the governments are enforcing. Simply ask a fireman what happens when they spray water on a hot electrical fire? The water explodes! Take a plasma welding torch and point it at water, the water explodes. What is the composition of gasoline (petrol)? It is a hydro-carbon, typically two atoms of Hydrogen are bonded to a Carbon atom in chains of typically seven H2C molecules in a row with a branch here an there. Gasoline or Petrol, as it is known in many countries is H2C! Everyone knows the composition of water H2O, two Hydrogen atoms and one Oxygen atoms, which can also be refines to chains of H2O molecules, just like gasoline. So what's better in combustion Carbon or Oxygen? Oxygen, obviously as it fuels the fire. Water fueled engines burn way hotter than petrol engines, they melt most magnesium alloy engines. Just as diesel engines are different to a petrol engines, water engines are also different, they have large plasma spark plugs & the water is treated with magnetics to change the Hydrogen-Oxygen bond angles & you feed the exhaust right back into the water fuel tank.

Tesla, one of the worlds finest engineers, developed many free energy technologies that would generate free electricity. Engineers recently took some of Tesla's technology & published the plans of how to build Quantum Energy Generators (QEG) on the Internet. Tesla would put up a tall antenna with a grounded capacitor that resonated at a specific frequency and draw electricity straight our of the atmosphere. You can build fuel less Magnetic Motors that use magnets to spin perpetually, generating free electricity. The Electric companies at the top levels of management know about these technologies, many of the around the world have been desperately running "Rolling Blackouts" to attempt to give the impression that electricity is scarce & expensive. It is simply "Rolling Blackmail".

To get a clue on how you government & local Masonic Lodge or Roman Catholic Church's Jesuits are censoring anti-gravity, take an ordinary weight from a weight-lifter, mount it on a ball baring and spin it up to around 3,000 revs per minute. Now pick it up with one hand, it creates it's own gravity field and looses relative weight. Another simple experiment is to mount a cup or cylinder on an electric drill and put a reasonable size metal ball in it. Spin up the ball in the cup then drop it alongside another similar metal ball & notice how the two balls do not obey the gravity rules we were taught in school & university. Outside Area 51, or a short distance away at Blue Lake in the US, if you take infra red cameras you can see some of the US Navy's anti-gravity craft in action. These bases, paid for by the US public's taxes are so secretive whenever they need an outside specialist to come and fix anything on the base they make them wear goggles with blinkers and focused lenses that prevent them from seeing things. Should any government that claims to be elected by the public & uses the public's money be allowed to keep secrets from the public who funds and elects them? Obviously not. These New World Order Democaries of Republican Governments are the enemy of the people who they enslave & make enemies of State.

Does this make you mad? It should. Take a drive down to you local political offices and kick the idiots out! And while you are about it stop off at any local Masonic Lodge an arrest it's members along with any Jesuits, because they are the ones who at the higher levels know all about free energy & they, just like the Jesuits during the Inquisition are sent to eliminate any inventor, engineer or scientist who comes up with technology that would free mankind from "Rome's Illuminatzi".

So when it comes to tax & Infrastructure, the answer is pretty clear. Tax money must at all times be prevented from coming under the control of corrupt politicians and their infiltrated Political Parties. You already pay for your infrastructure service, by giving the people their money the people can choose who to buy their services from, creating competition in "government" & lowering the overall costs while improving the services & standards of living of all.