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Q: Treason, what about Treason?

What if your government officials allowed a criminal cartel to own and control your central bank and literally make money out of nothing? Clearly that politician and government would be setting you up for complete and utter dominance under whoever owns the right to make money out of nothing. The politicians and any judges, police or military personnel supporting such outrageous fraud against the people, would obviously be guilty of High Treason. Guess what, most are.

However, one of the most pertinent questions to ask in regard to high-treason, or excess of jurisdiction, is if a man or woman hired and paid by the State can preside over & judge a case where a prosecutor, also hired and paid by the State, prosecutes the case? Judges have to have no personal interest in a trial, however the person who's interest is in winning the prosecution is a colleague of the judge, paid by the same employer. Any State that enforces such an outrageous miscarriage of justice on their people is a state that is engaged in treason against the people. That is why for all criminal prosecutions under the original Constitution for the United States of America, a jury made up of the people had to try the case. So too in the Universal Peopleisim Constitution.

Due to the downtrodden and slave like attitude of many people, they fear anything they might do that could get the criminals in government going after them. The question arises as to whether anyone peacefully signing a new Constitution could ever be accused of high-treason in a court of law? Firstly it is important to understand that you can be charged for being a witch, or anything the government chooses to make up. Make no mistake, governments who are backing up banking-fraud will attempt to do anything and everything to protect themselves from facing High-Treason charges.

Despite none of the New World Order States being democracies, fortunately however, the Illuminatzi mainstream media has been touting "democracy" as the way to go. The Two Party NWO States could at best claim to be republican forms of government, however the representatives are selected by the Political Parties and not the people, so they can not even make that claim. However "democracy is in".

All you are doing when you sign the Universal Peopleisim Constitution is exercising your absolute right to democracy. You are absolutely not taking up arm against any government, you are enacting lawful government. You are not committing any violence, you are not engaging in an armed struggle.

Peopleisim is completely peaceful. It is imperative to make sure you keep it that way. As soon as you riot, or allow anyone amongst you to riot, you set yourself up for countermeasures, including the potential of being accused of treason.

Take note that in Washington State during public marches against the G 8 Meetings, the protestors eventually realized that the police were dressing up in plain clothes, joining the crowds and throwing rocks at their colleagues in the police. Their colleagues in police uniform would then come and arrest them and the rest of the protestors. The police would quietly let their plain clothed police who were amongst the crowd throwing rocks go out the back door, to join the crowds and incite violence again. Photographers exposed this NWO scam when they showed the police boots some of the volent "protestors" were wearing & then the plain-cloathed police rejoining the protestors to cause more violence.

Peopleisim is a non-violent democratic electoral cycle which is absolutely legal.

Anyone who attempts to contradict the fact that signing a Universal Peopleisim Constitution is every person's absolute democratic right, is guilty of high-treason against humanity.

Recognize criminals in government are usually the first to accuse people of the crimes they personally are committing.