The Earth PLan


It does not take much to get PeopleRisen going
Your Generosity Will Help Ensure Success

Once PeopleRisen is established in regions it is self funding & will support other regions, your help can make all the difference to get it going! Your financial generosity will be used to print flyers and constitution signing pages, train trainers to spread the word and teach people how to take back their government with PeopleRisen.

You are authorized to copy the Universal PeopleRisen Constitution for free & encouraged to practice PeopleRisen, governance by the people for the people. A gift to life & love on Earth, delivered at extraordinary personal cost from the Founder & Architect of PeopleRisen, that all life on Earth may prosper in peace & love.

Consider your investment in PeopleRisen not only eliminates tax and bank-loans, it brings peace and prosperity. What is it worth to you? Your gift will give back many times. Eliminate Poverty. Eliminate War. Save The Environment. Bring Justice. Liberate Yourself.

Please also fill out the Contact Form or send an email to if you are interested in making a contribution & we will contact you directly.

Any contribution of over 2gg ($2,000) equivalent may request a receipt through for a double refund once PeopleRisen is established (2 grams of gold is equivalent to about $1,000)

We will be setting up funds for each of the different regions. Contact us to start raising funds for your region:

Thank you for investing in all of our futures!