The Earth PLan

The Earth Plan Universal PeopleRisen Constitution.

It/s far easier to fix your world than you realize. All it takes is your signature.
The Earth Plan Universal PeopleRisen Constitution removes governance from corrupt political parties and corporations and hands it to the people, all by your simple signature. A simple Reformation and New Renaissance that is far easier to accomplish than people realize.
If we stand together we cannot fail.
Currently governments collect taxes in our name, which they use to line their own pockets and to enforce corrupt courts and police-states on us while allowing private banks to literally make money out of nothing. It's our tax money they are taking and deciding what to do with. They rely on your vote to institute the very institutions they use to oppress us. To take it all back, all we need is to do is to stand with our neighbors and adopt a new common Universal PeopleRisen Constitution that implements the Freedom Charter.
After ages of insane corruption under Rome's Old World Order, that now calls itself the New World Order, the ages of war and financial slavery are hopefully coming to an end. A New Order of the Ages is emerging where governance is no longer by corrupt obnoxious officials who work for European banksters, but instead by the people, for the people.
The Universal PeopleRisen Constitution outlaws the fraud of private central banks commit when they literally make money out of nothing, and then on top of that charge usury interest on the fiat-money. The concept of land-lords or wealthy corporations owning all the Nations resources, is simply abolished. The Nations Natural Resources belong to the people. It is not up to the government to decide what to do with the people's proceeds from the the natural resources, the government's function is to simply distribute the people their equal share. Instead of corrupt officials, deciding what to do with the people's money, the people decide themselves. This is democracy.
By passing responsibility for the functions of governance to the people, with each person responsible annually for a months Citizens Service (30 days), the need for government employees and the problems associated with corruption and abuse of power, is practically eliminated.
Successful businesses management concepts are implemented alongside this new form of civilization. Boards of Directors elected directly by the people, made up of unpaid Citizens serving as part of their annual Citizens Service, provide oversight, and ensure the people perform their duties in running government. Top ranking executives now have a duty to provide the people 30 days of their service each year. Each person gives 30 days of what they do best.

Look into it, and you quickly realize you purchase most services and utilities from private companies. Governments rarely do anything, other than steal the people's money and use the peoples money to line their own pockets and protect corporate monopolies that control the government.

With PeopleRisen, each Citizen is entitled to a Homestead, free of any tax or duty, of up to two thousand square meters, in no more than two parcels. Together, a husband and wife can own up to an acre, where, if they choose, they can relax and grow vegetables, without worrying who will take their home or where they can get the next meal or money to pay taxes. The people are secure on the land.

As there are no government salaries, inventors and creators are not taxed, promoting industry and development, along with more opportunities and lower cost products for everyone. There are no taxes other than on the lease of Natural Resources and the sharing of the profits from these resources equally to each Citizen and the responsibility of Citizen Service for a month.

The government does not run the mines, private companies compete to lease the rights to mine the resources, ensuring efficiency and the optimal use of the resources and maximum return to the people.

The corrupt BAR Association Courts are shut down and replaced with Common-Law Courts governed by Juries of the people. Eliminating corruption and the incentive layers, prosecutors and judges have to rob people with Lots of Attorney Wages (LAW), and implementing due process that solves problems instead of creating them.

Most importantly, the corrupt private criminal banking cartels that literally own the central banks and make money out of nothing and charge usury on top of the fraud, are eliminated and held accountable. A new not-for-profit Citizens Free Banking, Voting, Trading and Court infrastructure is set up utilizing interest-free asset-backed currency. real-time voting, and advanced trading features that encourage and support small business and creators, while providing efficient and fair courts. It change the way we do business and boosts the economy.

Education systems will also be completely revolutionized with free advanced digital education available to all. Instead of forcing a parrot-like curriculum down children's throats that discourages learning, talents are developed and enhanced with an interactive new rich-media education paradigm that utilizes the latest technology. By turning education into a fun experience that focuses more on how to think, than what to think, everyone will learn while geniuses can flourish and benefit society instead of being silenced.

Further significant enhancements will come from the elimination of the corrupt patent system that is utilized to sensor free-energy and anti-gravity technology and ensure that only large corporations benefit from and limit innovation. There will be no continued censorship of the many Extra Terrestrial Civilizations or of advanced free-energy and anti-gravity technologies, which will also revolutionize the how we live and travel. Naturally, the right to travel is guaranteed.

The new era of computers and Internet offer voters new levels of interactive voting and in self governance. There is no need to establish lengthy voting cycles that guarantee politicians immunity to do whatever they want after being voted in on their campaign promises and lies. Voters can immediately withdraw their supporting vote on any issue, allowing instant reversal of any corruption.

The Earth Plans Common Universal Constitution takes advantages of these significant technology advances, for the benefit of the people and civilization.

We call these new concepts of governance "PeopleRisen". This is not Communism where all the people's labour and assets are taken by the government, who then decides what to do with them. It is not Capitalism which rewards the haves and forgets about those who might not be as smart or have resources. It certainly is not the old Roman or British Empire where greedy kings and queens steal everything. It is the furthest thing from Fascism or a Dictatorship. And is also not a Republic, although some level of oversight is maintained by Boards of Directors who belong to no political parties and provide their service as part of their Citizen Service, without pay, other than what the people voluntarily give them. PeopleRisen however provides the best of socialism and communism by providing the people security on the land and income from the natural resources. PeopleRisen also implements the best of capitalism by eliminating tax on business. Perhaps PeopleRisen is closest to what a true Democracy represents.

Together we can do it.

The Universal PeopleRisen Constitution