The Earth PLan

How To Get PeopleRisen Going In Your Region


1. Assign Guardians of the Constitution to promote & manage the collection & safekeeping of signatures from people in your County or town.

1.1. Get two thirds of the people in your region to sign up online or download the Universal PeopleRisen Constitution Signature Page (US Letter paper version) and get paper signatures.

1.2. Celebrate with PeopleRisen Signing Parties! 

2. Place former government officials on Notice to Stand Down & Declare PeopleRisen as the Official Law in your County.

3. Call the people together to vote for the first County Board of Directors.

3.1. Your County Board of Directors assigns Citizen-Service including trainers to educate the people on how to take part in their new form of PeopleRisen government.

3.2. Implement the functions of PeopleRisen & Citizen-Services, & request to provide digital Citizen-Services in your region by sending an email to

Go out and practice PeopleRisen, governance by the people for the people!

You make it happen!