The Earth PLan


About Peopleisim's Founder & Architect

As one of the world's foremost strategists, Clive Boustred provided the architectural vision for some of the world's most advanced computer, banking & internet systems. His latest solution is The Earth Plan.

Some of Clive's websites:

  • - Silicon Valley consultants Clive's Resume, Some of Clive's Business Background.
  • InfoTelesys - Next-Generation Internet company that was launching 91 Low Earth Orbit Satellites building a global network supporting 1Gbit/sec connections anywhere. Click here for InfoTelesys' site During the Mir acquisition. The current InfoTelesys site reflects Clive's innovation in tablet computers for Get iT Ed in an attempt to revolutionize education.
  • Liberty For Life - Extensive Political site exposing the facts regarding global corruption focused on the US. The site also includes evidence of the assaults against Clive & his children & his lawsuit against the US Government. The Liberty For Life site is extensive with over 1,000 articles, mostly written by Clive. The site receives up to a million hits a month. Research in these global issues and government corruption played a significant factor in the development of Peopleisim and it's methods to eliminate corruption.
  • CopperCards - A National attempt to educate US Citizens on their legal rights & recover the Nation. Clive was unlawfully evicted from his home two months after launching CopperCards.
  • Get iT Ed - Next-Generation Education solutions developed by Clive leveraging the explosive growth in digital education.
  • Soulisim - Clive's Origin of Everything Thesis - The site also includes scientific evidence of extraterrestrial civilizations & reincarnation. Clive's intensive commitments have delayed many additional articles intended for this site.
  • TheEarthPlan - Next-Generation Political model & solution for the world's problems.

As a leading Systems Analyst, Senior Technical Strategist, Director of Technical Strategy & Chief Strategist for Silicon Valley's who's who, coupled with extensive international experience at the forefront of industry, Clive learned the value of looking at systems from the outside, affording him & the organizations benefiting from his strategies, the ability to significantly shift the paradigm on existing & emerging markets

A career at the forefront of the Computer & Internet Revolutions enabled Clive's company InfoTelesys in 2001 to leap ahead in developing & deploying ultra-high-speed next-generation Internet. InfoTelesys' team which included CIO's from Motorola, Sun Microsystems, Goldman Sacs & Swiss Bank, coupled with 100 rockets, satellite deigns, approved orbits, 1.46 GHz ITU spectrum & highly advanced massively scalar communications technology, represented a formidable force. It was after the Chairman of Russia's Duma signed an official Russian Government Proclamation granting InfoTelesys the right to Space Station Mir, that Clive came under fire.

Despite providing the systems architecture for some of the worlds largest banking systems, with Clive's technology focus, he was unaware of the criminal cartels that own the central banks & control the governments. Following at least 5 assassination attempts, including being shot at from point blank range with his children directly behind him, 7 false arrests, 9 outrageously malicious false prosecutions, the theft of his multimillion dollar estate & the violent kidnap of his children by the government in the US, Clive was forced to flee the US.

A dynamic visionary, bringing with him a considerable breadth & depth of knowledge & experience in numerous advanced technologies, businesses, legal & political fields, Clive provides a refreshing view of highly complex domains. His ability to explain the most complex issues & technologies in straightforward terms, helped many organizations re-architect their strategic direction.

Combining all his advanced expertise & experience, Clive, known simply as “C” on the Net, now brings us The Earth Plan & Universal Peopleisim Constitution, benefiting all.

Is it ironic that C looks identical to Thomas Jefferson, the Architect of the Constitution for the United States of America?

Clive holds an Honors Bachelor of Science in Physics from Loughborough University of Technology in England specializing in Metallurgical Engineering & Management; he is also a Mechanical Engineer with N4 Mechnotechinques & N4 Mathematics form Teknekron South Africa Education Department in the early 80's; and also a qualified Draftsman in addition to being a qualified tradesman in Patternmaking (foundry); He was also a Bombadier & Military Instructor drafted into 10 Anti Aircraft Defense School; While he received a great deal of specialized training from top technology companies, Clive also trained top engineers and leaders at companies like Motorola, Microsoft, Apple, Hitachi, Lucent, Boeing, Department of Defense, Oracle, GE, EDS in addition to being the Chairman and key speaker at many international conferences. His legal experience was cut at the coal face with more than twenty cases under his belt, two of which were multi-billion dollar cases. He has worked with some of the worlds top legal professionals and opposed many less competent ones.

Clive was born in the 60's in Johannesburg South Africa. From the age of thirteen he attended St. Andrews, an old-English style Boarding school in Grahamstown South Africa. After school he was involuntarily drafted for two years into the South African military at the height of unrest, after which he escaped further draft while reading Honors in Material Science/Physics in England at Loughborough University of Technology. After qualifying, Clive dodged any further draft, realizing he would be sent to jail for refusing to continue with military service under Apartheid, he fled to the United States in 1989, obtaining a Green Card on his qualifications. Taking to computer technology like a duck in water, Clive excelled in Silicon Valley.

After developing solutions for many of the leading technology companies, his own company InfoTelesys was leading the field of advanced next-generation Internet. His ignorance of who really ran the US, landed him in trouble. Following outrageous criminal assaults against himself and his children, which started in 2003, Clive fled the US in 2010. He was forced to leave behind his chidden who had been violently kidnapped from him by the government, along with his multimillion dollar home the government in the US literally stole. Being forced to pay more than $350,000 in bail for false charges filed against him, in addition to an enormous amount in legal fees and the theft of all his assets by the government, literally made him homeless. After fleeing South Africa to get away from bad government there, Clive was forced to flee form bad government in the U.S. Further experiences in South Africa revealed that Masons still had control of the Nation along with the criminal & utterly corrupt BAR Association Courts. Extensive research by Clive allowed him to connect the dots between the criminal cartels who control the three City-States, and more importantly start to develop solutions to fix the planets problems. All these experiences served to mold a new constitution that protects the people and the development of Peopleisim.

Peopleisim is a true New Order of the Ages and not an Old World Order attempting to call itself "New"

The ongoing assaults by government forced Clive to study what was going on in the US and the world at large. With all his wealth, home and even children taken from him, Clive has developed The Earth Plan with not much more than the power of the mind. One of his may sayings from Silicon Valley, "With knowledge you can make sand more valuable than gold"- SOC, proves it is what is in the mind that really counts. Peopleisim reflects wisdom from a person who has experienced it all, for the benefit of all.

To learn more about the buildup to Peopleisim & The Earth Plan & Clive's experiences, click here.