The Earth PLan

Universal Peoplerisen Constitution

All people are free & equal. Recognizing our right to self-determination of our present & future, we, the people, grateful for our freedom, in order to secure the blessings of justice, liberty, life, peace, security & the pursuit of happiness, & above all love, do establish this Constitution.

As opposed to Stateism where the State is declared sovereign, enslaving the people under State police, courts & military, & in determining what to do with the people's money & resources; As opposed to Capitalism where Corporations are “people” who buy out politicians, who rule the State, which taxes the people into involuntary servitude & slavery; As opposed to Communism & Socialism where the State is declared a person, enslaving the people by taking State ownership of everything that belongs to the people & decides what to do with what belongs to the people: We support Peoplerisen, where governance is by the people for the people; Where the earth & it's resources belong to the people; Where the peoples government distributes revenue from the peoples resources equitably to each Citizen; Where Citizens own & are secure in their Homestead; Where Citizens can move about freely without papers or passports; Where there is no tax, no licenses, no duty; Where banking is free with a people owned asset-backed currency & bank.

We the people establish Peoplerisen to take back governance to ourselves & to establish a prosperous, peaceful, sustainable & ecologically sound civilization.

ARTICLE 1. Creed

All people are by nature free & independent, & have certain inalienable rights, among which are: liberty; life; security; peace; the pursuit of happiness; justice & protection under the law; security on, above or below land, sea, space & homestead; protection from slavery, involuntary servitude & usury; protection & respect of family structure; to think & speak freely; to travel unencumbered & freely on rights-of-way; with unrestrained access to knowledge; free education; to love & be loved without interference. We the people of this Universal Peoplerisen Constitution & our fellow free Citizens of all Universal Peoplerisen Constitution regions enter into a firm contract of companionship with each other, for our common defense, the security of our liberties, freedom & our mutual & general welfare, binding ourselves to assist each other, against all force or attacks made upon us on account of a pretense of democracy, stateism, fascism, socialism, capitalism, communism, religion, sovereignty, fraudulent banking systems, trade, non-representative government, or any other pretense whatsoever. We pledge our honor & service in mutual respect to bring about these goals & to love our neighbors as our selves.

ARTICLE 2. Establishment Of This
Universal Peoplerisen Constitution

This Universal Peoplerisen Constitution shall be established by peoples signature in support hereof. Firstly to the County, secondly to the Province or State, next to the Nation, next to the Continent, next to the Planet, & finally to the Universe. When a majority of the adults of a County, Province, Nation or Planet have signed support hereto, this Constitution shall be declared the law of that individual or complete region.

This Constitution entirely replaces & repeals all previous Constitutions, laws, Acts of any government, codes, codex, creeds, bulls, proclamations, grants, decrees, rules, regulations & ordinances.

Citizenship lies first at the Homestead, followed by the County, Province, Nation, Planet & Universe.

ARTICLE 3. Ratification

By my Affirmation, I ratify my full support of the Universal Peoplerisen Constitution from Article 1 to 20. Signature by writing, email, thumb-print, picture, video, or online.

___________________________________________ Signature Date yyyy/mm/dd:____________________

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Province (State):_____________________________________Nation:______________________________

Given Name At Birth:______________________________________________Date of Birth:_____________

Place of Birth:_____________________________________ Nation of Birth:_________________________

ARTICLE 4. Declaration of Rights.

Article. Section.:4.1 Supreme Law

This Constitution shall be the supreme law of the regions & superior law to Common Law.

Article. Section.:4.2 Uniform Common Law

All policies & laws shall have uniform operation. Pursuant to Common Law, the common person should be able to understand the law. Where a law is of indeterminate nature such that the common person has no way of reasonably understanding the law, the law shall be void. If a competent person can explain the meaning of the law, a limited education or poor vocabulary shall not suffice as a lack of understanding of a law. It is the duty of a Citizen to fully understand this Constitution

Article. Section.:4.3 Due Process

No person shall be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without fair & just due process of law defined herein.

Article. Section.:4.4 Public Cooperation

Full Faith & Trust shall be reasonably afforded all people in each Universal Peoplerisen County, Province & Nation; All Regions shall share all public records & proceedings; Citizens shall be equal & entitled to all Privileges & Immunities of Citizens in the many Regions. A Person properly charged in any County for a crime who flees from justice & is found in another County, may be detained pursuant to the Detention Clause in this Constitution. Any lawfully mediated agreement or jury's judgment made in any County shall be respected in all Regions.

Article. Section.:4.5 Rights Shall Not Diminish

No Amendment to this constitution may eliminate rights already established in this Constitution; the rights of the people shall not diminish. No state of emergency or any declaration thereof shall eliminate or restrict the rights established in this Constitution.

Article. Section.:4.6 No Slavery Or Involuntary Servitude

Neither slavery, nor involuntary servitude shall ever be tolerated in any form.

Article. Section.:4.7 No Discrimination

Racism, including the classification of people by race or religion, shall be strictly prohibited, as well as any bias against a person for their race, sex or religion.

Article. Section.:4.8 Person, People

A person is recognized as an individual self-conscious being with a heartbeat. People or persons are a collective thereof. Corporations, Churches & States are not recognized as persons & retain neither authority nor sovereignty. There shall be neither juristic persons nor any fictitious straw-man representation of a person. The use of upper or lower case letters to represent a person's name shall be irrelevant & simply represent the person.

Article. Section.:4.9 Protection & Respect Of Family & Individual

The rights of the people to be secure without interference of their family & the absolute right of biological parents to equally enjoy & care for their children, shall not be abridged. Every child under the age of eighteen (18) has the right to nutrition, shelter, health care & education, which is the principle responsibility of the child’s parents & secondary responsibility of the local Board of Directors. A child’s age-of-consent in regard to restricting access to alcohol, drugs, religion & sex, must be respected, so as to allow & protect children’s innocence. All Citizens have the right to be protected from maltreatment, neglect, abuse or degradation, exploitative labor practices, & not to be forced to participate in war or slavery. The right to life shall not be questioned & no person shall be subject to cruel or inhumane treatment. No person may be subjected to medical or scientific experiments without their informed & written consent. A persons body parts may not be traded or sold.

With oversight of the local Board of Directors, the guardian of a person incapable of signing this Constitution, may sign for the handicapped person. Said handicapped person shall receive benefits pursuant to those of children based on the Board of Directors or a qualified experts classification of their relative intellectual age.

Article. Section.:4.10 Free Knowledge & Education

All people shall have the right to freely access knowledge, to freely educate themselves & others. While the people will endeavor to bring these rights to all & to make access to knowledge & learning freely available & unrestricted.

Article. Section.:4.11 Free Speech & Press

Every person may speak freely, write, express themselves & publish their sentiments on any subject, being responsible for the abuse of that right; & no policy shall be passed to restrain or abridge the liberty of expression or of any form of media. The liberty of conscience, hereby secured, shall not be so construed as to excuse indecent acts, or justify extreme practices inconsistent with the peace or safety of the people.

Where persons actively engage in the publication or broadcast of known lies & deception, or hypnosis, their rights to utilize any public communication medium, should be limited by a competent jury or a majority of the people in the region, & they may be criminally prosecuted for racketeering & fraud. Where clear outrageous & malicious intent is obvious, & the act of deception through blatant lies is evident, & the damage caused is extensive & measurable, any Citizen may bring criminal charges against the persons behind the media, whether local or foreign.

In all criminal prosecutions on indictments for libels, the truth may be given in evidence to the mediator & jury; & if it shall appear to the mediator or jury that the matter charged as libelous is true, & was published with good motives & for justifiable purpose, the accused should be acquitted.

Public Network Search Engines shall make their sorting algorithms public, any person artificially significantly manipulating search results, shall be criminally guilty of fraud.

Article. Section.:4.12 Peaceful Gatherings & Right To Protest

The right of the people to peacefully assemble shall never be denied nor restrained, nor the right to petition for a redress of grievances.

Article. Section.:4.13 Right To Travel

The right for Citizens to travel shall be preserved as an inalienable right, & no person traveling safely without hindering others rights, shall be limited in that right by licensing, tickets, tolls, papers, road-blocks or any other means, save that expressly defined in this Constitution. Safe unhindered travel shall be measured & governed by the same Common Law standards for crime, requiring the presence of the act, intent & damage.

Citizens of established Universal Peoplerisen Constitution regions shall not require passports or identity documents to travel. Where identity needs to be legitimately established, a person’s County Board of Directors shall provide the necessary interface or alternatively the Citizen-Services system may be utilized pursuant to the Citizens & Identity Clause of this Constitution to verify identity. Where a traveling Citizen finds themselves in genuine difficulty, without causing any unnecessarily burden, they may approach the local County Board of Directors for assistance who shall as in effect act as their local embassy.

For travel to Nations demanding passports, Citizens may produce their own passports of whatever design reflecting Identity necessary to travel in other non Universal Peoplerisen Constitution regions.

If a visitor or traveler commits a significant crime, & is properly found guilty of the crime according to this Constitutions due process, & it is brought to the attention of the Board of Directors of that region, with good reason a majority of Directors or people may vote to expel the visitor or traveler from of their region.

Article. Section.:4.14 Refugees, Indigents & Squatters

Squatting on the land shall be prohibited. People may not simply move in on public land, they must apply to a County Board of Directors to obtain Homestead rights, or lease the land & obtain formal written permission from the County Board of Directors. Where necessary, County, Provincial, National & International Boards of Directors shall establish Resource Teams who's responsibility is to provide short term relief for Indigents, Squatters & Refugees, & assistance where possible in helping refugees establish Peoplerisen in the regions they originated from.

Article. Section.:4.15 Ancient & Natural Wonders

Any ancient forest, tree or heritage object older than five hundred (500) years may not be destroyed or harmed. Places of significant natural beauty must be maintained in their natural state to be enjoyed by all with reasonable usage limitations, to preserve their natural beauty for future generations.

Article. Section.:4.16 Religion

All people have the right to freedom of conscience, religion, thought, belief & opinion. No policy or regulation respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof, shall be made, except that no religion shall teach mythical stories as historical ones or promote violence & hatred. Religious claims must be backed up by sound evidence including accurate archaeological records where applicable. The same standards of hearsay applied in a court of law should also apply to religious claims.

Article. Section.:4.17 Non Fraudulent Monetary Systems

The Citizen-Services free Banking, Voting, Trading, Education & Court System (Citizen-Services), shall provide an asset-backed currency, free banking, trading, education & courts for the people. Lease payments on resources belonging to the people & any trade in natural resources, must be conducted exclusively with the People's currency through the Citizen-Services Bank & Trading System. Any notes backed by real assets of the equivalent value represented thereon, or coins of value by weight or demand, may be utilized for all other trade. Fiat-currency or fractional-reserve banking & any interest on money, shall be prohibited & may not be recognized nor utilized for any trade, loans or any purpose within the Universal Peoplerisen Constitution regions, except during the transition to this Constitution before the Citizen-Services Bank is available in a region. Any persons using fiat-currency or conducting fractional-reserve banking or charging interest on money in an established Universal Peoplerisen Constitution region, shall be prosecuted for usury &/or fraud. The government may not borrow in the name of the people.

Article. Section.:4.18 No Titles Of Nobility, Oaths To Nefarious Organizations Or Gangs

Any Citizen who accepts, claims or retains any Title of Nobility, or shall accept & retain any Office or Emolument from any Association, Emperor, King, Queen, Prince, Pope, Court, Secret Society, Gang, or who undertakes an oath of allegiance or affirmation to a secret or nefarious organization, shall cease to hold Citizenship or any of the benefits thereof, & shall be prohibited from holding any Office public or private. Those who serve in public office while under a blood Oath or affirmation to a nefarious or secret organization, shall be prosecuted for high treason. Any nefarious gang, society, order or association, that established groups, orders or hierarchies of control, that give preference to their members in a court of law, or in regard to any public matter, including general business, shall be prohibited. On signing this Constitution, each & every Citizen waives, gives up & annuls any oath, affirmation, vow, pledge, promise, or enslavement to any secret or nefarious organization or gang. Citizens as a whole, pledge to harbor & protect each & every Citizen from secret or nefarious organizations & gangs.

Article. Section.:4.19 No Promotion of War

We the people will not partake in, aid, fund or promote any invasion, torture or genocide, nor assist in any such endeavor. We will not declare war, other than in reasonable defense to an act of war directly against us. Any declaration of war in defense of an act of war, must be approved by at least a two thirds majority of the Citizens from a region, in a vote called specifically for that purpose, recognizing that often the best form of defense, is to dodge an attack or be able to take the blow, & recognizing that shooting with a camera verses a gun, allows the shot to be replicated universally repeatedly for all to witness. Invasions under the guise of defensive action shall not be tolerated. At no time shall any person, association, militia or military utilize weapons for a show of force to threaten or oppress persons who are no serious & nefarious danger to the people. The promotion of violence through media shall be restricted. No standing army shall be kept or funded in times of peace; & in time of defense, no army shall be formed or funded for a period longer than three years. The militia & military shall in all instances be subordinate to the people & may not act without the direct & explicit approval of two thirds of the people. The people shall not be prohibited from securing their personal security, or in defending themselves, however security shall not be used to establish private armies, which shall be prohibited.

All profits derived from war, shall be given to recover the region & people who were subject to the war, & individuals responsible for instigating & carrying out the war, shall be held liable to the strictest punitive penalties.

Article. Section.:4.20 Right To Own & Carry Guns/Arms

The right to defend oneself from crime & oppression is an inalienable right. The right of Citizens to own, keep & carry weapons for defense, shall not be infringed. Non-Citizens may not own, carry, use, or have access to any weapon, including any remotely controlled weapon, in any Universal Peoplerisen Constitution region. Citizens may own weapons for defense, however, if more than half a County or one quarter of a Province vote to disarm any individual, that person shall respect their neighbors & immediately get rid of their weapons, or never enter the region that voted to disarm them. Responsible ownership & use of weapons must at all time be respected so as to not endanger other Citizens.

Article. Section.:4.21 No Search Or Seizure Without Probable Cause & Affirmation

The privacy of an individual’s person, home, business, property, possessions, & communications shall be respected & not infringed. The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, businesses, papers, communication & effects, against unreasonable searches & seizures, shall not be violated. No Warrants for search or seizure shall be issued other than Warrants signed by at least twelve qualified jurors, where significant evidence indicates genuine probable cause of a serious & significant crime, supported by an Affirmation by a real party of interest, & describing in detail the place to be searched, the methods of search & times of search permitted, & the persons or things to be seized. Those requesting, approving & conducting a search or seizure, shall be liable for damages if they unfairly violate a persons rights secured by this Constitution.

Article. Section.:4.22 Detention

No person shall be delayed or detained without proper cause. No person shall be unreasonably delayed from their business, travel or pleasure for more than five minutes. No person shall be detained for more than 24 hours without a Grand Jury Indictment. Neither an co-accused, a witness, nor evidence, shall be unreasonably detained or withheld. No person or property shall be unreasonably detained or seized without just compensation.

Where a lawful Indictment & warrant for arrest exists for a person & that person is accurately identified, any Citizen may detain the accused for up to twenty four hours (24h), pursuant to the terms of the arrest warrant, for those issuing the warrant to collect the accused. However, the person/s detaining the accused holds a duty to the accused to ensure the warrant is properly issued with good cause & only for a serious crime. If the warrant is for an order to appear before a jury, the accused must be given the option to sign an agreement to appear on a specific date before the jury, which if they sign or give a videotaped agreement to appear, they must be immediately released so as to appear on the agreed date & time.

Article. Section.:4.23 Real Parties

Only real parties of interest may bring charges before a Jury. A real party of interest is any victim who suffered damage in the alleged crime, or in a civil case, a person with a direct ownership or interest in the matter. If a real party of interest is not able to file charges, a lawful guardian of the real party of interest may file the charges. In criminal cases, directly affected members of society, may be real parties of interest. In no instances is the State a real party of interest.

Article. Section.:4.24 Grand Jury & Warrants

No person may be arrested or held to answer for a crime, unless on presentment or indictment of a people’s Grand Jury made up of no less than twenty four (24) individuals from the region where the crime was allegedly committed & where a majority of the Jury find clear & obvious probable cause for the charges. An arrest to restrain a person before a trial must only be allowed in extreme cases where the crime is exceptionally serious & the flight risk is very high & in cases where failing to restrain the person, is highly likely to result in the suspect committing murder or causing very serious damage. Serious damage in this instance shall amount to the loss of life, limb or property damage in excess of what the accused is able to pay in restitution & at least in excess of one kilograms of gold (1 kgG).

The accused shall, if they choose, have the opportunity to appear before, question & appeal to the Grand Jury to reverse their indictment or presentment. Grand Juror’s hold a duty to act diligently, with integrity & justly & in conformance with the law, & are personally liable for unreasonable actions.

Article. Section.:4.25 Administrative Meeting

Mediation & trials shall be preceded by an Administrative Meeting with the plaintiff/s present, & the opportunity given to all defendants to attended, who shall attempt to resolve the dispute without the burden of Mediation or a Trial by Jury.

Article. Section.:4.26 Only Jury Power In All Trials

Judicial power shall never exist in any form or court. Decisions shall be made with consent in Mediation, or by the jury in a Trial by Jury.

Article. Section.:4.27 Jury Determines Law & Fact

Pursuant to this Constitution & Common Law, the jury shall competently judge both the law & the fact in all cases. Jurors must be capable of logical deduction & pass basic logic tests, in order to qualify.

Article. Section.:4.28 No Lawful Trial Shall Be Retried

No fact properly tried by a jury, shall be re-examined in any Court other than according to the rules of this Constitution & Common Law. No person shall be tried more than once for the same offense, save where it can be clearly proved that parties to a trial blatantly & intentionally significantly violated the due process clauses of this Constitution for the purpose of changing the outcome of the trial, or used sham proceedings so as to prevent further prosecution.

Article. Section.:4.29 Writ of Habeas Corpus

The privilege of the writ of Habeas Corpus shall never be suspended & shall be honored by Grand Juries, Juries & the Boards of Directors.

Article. Section.:4.30 Reasonable Bail

The Grand Jury issuing an arrest warrant shall be responsible for setting reasonable bail requirements, & shall be liable if they release an arrested person who is a serious & obvious risk. Excessive bail shall be prohibited. All arrested persons shall be bailable with sufficient & reasonable sureties; Bail may not be denied unless for capital offenses, when the proof is clearly evident & the accused remains a serious threat to other individuals lives. The accused must be permitted to provide any sufficient real asset as surety for bail. Where a financial bail deposit is utilized, the funds shall be held in the Peoplerisen General-Fund, & with proper verification returned without delay when the bail requirement is removed.

Article. Section.:4.31 Overwhelming Evidence In Criminal Trials

In criminal trials a person shall only be found guilty of criminal charges, if all twelve of twelve jurors are completely convinced that there is overwhelming evidence, proving the accused is guilty beyond any reasonable doubt.

Article. Section.:4.32 No Courts Of Equity or Admiralty Courts

There shall be no courts of equity, or admiralty courts, whatsoever.

Article. Section.:4.33 Non Oppressive Courts & Representation

No fancy or strange dress code, such as black cloaks or wigs, shall be allowed in the Courts. The Court layout shall strictly not give anyone a psychological disadvantage or advantage. No raised pulpits, altars, benches, high-seats or “witness-stands” shall be tolerated, or any electronic means of over-speaking or silencing others rights shall be allowed. Absolutely no highfalutin, silly or ridiculous titles shall be used in addressing any person in a Court. Expressive behavior shall be allowed, however it's means should justify & be weighed up, against it's end. The jury should be able to weigh up sound, sensible & competent argument.

Where a remedy at law does not exist as a consequence of one party to a case being unable to take part in the legal process, a qualified guardian shall be elected by the closest relative, if no relative exists, the closest best friend shall appoint or be the guardian, if no best friend exists, the Board of Directors shall appoint a qualified & competent guardian in the interests of the person or entity who has no possibility of representing themselves, & said case shall conform to the Due Process prescribed herein.

Article. Section.:4.34 Speedy Fair Criminal Trial

In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy, fair & public trial, preceded by an Administrative Meeting & Mediation, pursuant to the Due Process of this Constitution.

Article. Section.:4.35 Fully Informed; Right To Witnesses & Counsel

In all cases, the accused shall be fully informed of the nature & cause of the accusation/s filed against them; have access to all the information in the case, everything, whether or not the accuser believes it important or not; be able to thoroughly question the witnesses; have compulsory process for obtaining witnesses & evidence in their favor, & to have unlimited assistance of their counsel/s for their defense if they so choose. If a defendant cannot afford counsel for their defense, as part of their Citizens-Service, a competent counselor shall be appointed to assist the defendant by the Citizen-Services Universal Common Law Court, or by a local Board of Directors. If the defendant can give reason that the appointed counsel is not competent, the defendant may appeal to the jury, or to one of the general regions Board of Directors, either or both of whom, shall examine the evidence & appoint an alternate qualified counsel as necessary. Neither the courts nor any BAR Association or governing body, shall limit or control court counselors. Court counselors shall be competent & responsible, & liable to their clients in providing competent legal counsel.

Article. Section.:4.36 Compulsory Evidence

Those prosecuting a case & witnesses shall not hold any evidence from the accused that in any way relates to the charges, & said evidence shall be given to the accused as soon as practically possible.

Article. Section.:4.37 Right To Record, Speak & Present Evidence

Save any specific lawful demand by the parties, mediators or jury, for a synchronous hearing with the parties present, the parties shall be allowed to appear with or without counsel via electronic means conforming to Citizen-Services standard digital formats for documents, pictures, audio & video. In any situation, the right to record, speak & present evidence using any & multiple unobtrusive means of recording & presenting the evidence shall never be denied. There shall be no limitation placed on the party’s choice of counsel/s or any rights of their counsel/s to present the case. The jury holds the right to judge the case & issue final judgment in their own time. Consequentially, parties to a case naturally should not waste the jury's time.

In a court of law, there is no right to remain silent, nor any right to hide the truth, whether through any client secrecy or confidentiality privileges, or what so ever. However, no torture or physical force, may ever be applied to force a person speak, if they choose silence, so be it. Justice in law, makes no leeway for secrecy, or hiding the truth, for any purpose of distorting justice. However, if a person does not know an answer, they may not be compelled to make one up. The jury is free to interpret the failure or refusal to answer a question, in light of all the facts surrounding a case.

Article. Section.:4.38 Jury Duty

All Citizens & Residents over the age of eighteen (18) agree to act as jurors in trials brought under this Constitution. If jury duty exceeds the thirty two (32) days Citizen-Service in a year, reasonable restitution may be arranged by the regional Board of Directors to be paid for by the local or regional community. Jury duty may be counted as annual Citizen-Service. Over & above their annual thirty two days service, professional Jurors may also volunteer, or offer their services for a fee.

Jurors must be allowed to examine all the evidence & arguments to a case, online, in person & in their own time, except on occasions when parties to a case demand a synchronous hearing & six (6) or more jurors agree to the synchronous hearing, where all shall be present at a location, date & time mutually reasonable to all involved in the case. When any party to a case is unreasonable in setting up or attending a synchronous hearing, six or more jurors may dictate a time, date & place for the hearing.

Once jurors have examined the evidence & have made a sound decision, they individually submit their ruling & reasoning for said ruling to the Common Law Court on the Citizen-Services system which will coordinate & expedite the conclusion of said rulings, where necessary, and/or request jurors to re-examine evidence as necessary. Once a majority of jurors in a civil case, & all the jurors in a criminal case, are in agreement, a single judgment shall be issued by the jury. A majority of jurors in a civil case & all jurors in a criminal case, may conclude the case, when any of the parties to the case are exceptionally unreasonable in answering or prosecuting the case. The jury & parties to a case shall make every effort to complete the case in a reasonable time. If a jury is unable to make a decision within six months of the parties in a case concluding their argument, any party in the case my demand a new jury.

Article. Section.:4.39 Liability in Trials

All parties to a trial, including the real party of interest, jurors, accused & witnesses are liable for their respective actions, or failure to act, reasonably: the parties & witnesses in speaking, producing & giving evidence as to the truth; & the jury in judging fairly & impartially.

Article. Section.:4.40 No Excessive Fine Or Cruel Punishment

Excessive fines or penalties shall not be imposed, nor shall cruel & unusual punishment be inflicted.

Without consequence, there is no accountability. Without accountability there is no justice. The general community, & not the victim, should take on the responsibility of enforcing consequence, to ensure the peoples conscience remains aware & pure. Punishment should be metered with love in mind, taking into account the release of the victim & the reformation of the criminal. Our every act makes up the essence of our soul, what we do, cannot be undone.

Article. Section.:4.41 Captivity Only For Capital Offenses

No person or spirit may be kidnapped or abducted. No person shall be held captive as punishment, unless that person is found guilty in a lawful Trial By Jury of a Capital Offense, & the guilty party is likely to commit another Capital Offense if released. Detention prior to & during trial shall only be permitted for extreme capital offenses where the evidence of guilt is overwhelming & the danger of release extreme & obvious. Punishment shall be in the form of restitution to the victims & their families and/or fines to be paid into the Peoplerisen General-Fund and/or in public service to correct the offenders bad behavior, except, where necessary, the guilty may also be limited to a specified Badlands region for a reasonable length of time determined by the jury.

Article. Section.:4.42 Punishment For Crime & Restitution

No person shall be punished without due process of law as defined in this Constitution. The practice of placing criminals in a jail or prison shall be avoided as this tends to incite the criminal element. More effective punishment must be enforced by juries so as to ensure the reformation of the criminal into a good contributing member of society & in restitution directly to victims of the crime. Where the crime is serious & the risk to others if the criminal is released is severe, & strict reformation of the criminal is necessary, the Badlands Clause of this Constitution should be utilized for confinement of the criminal.

The death penalty should be avoided at all costs, & only ruled where proof of an extremely heinous crime is absolute without any shadow of doubt whatsoever, & where there is absolutely no chance the person will ever reform; & only instituted after every affordable appeal is exhausted. If it is ever determined conclusively that a jury was negligent in their duty & they issued the death penalty, the jurors themselves shall be subject to trial & the death penalty. Any person, who threatens or injures a juror or mediator in retaliation to their fair judgment on a case, may be subject to the most severe penalty up to & including the death penalty.

Article. Section.:4.43 Political Parties

While general cooperation amongst Citizens & Directors shall not be prohibited, Political Parties shall be prohibited. Any person standing for office shall stand on their own merits.

Article. Section.:4.44 Labor Unions & Management

No law shall prohibit or enforce the voluntary organization or management of labor, whether internal or external to an organization.

Article. Section.:4.45 Integrity & Safety In Employment

Employers shall respect employees’ rights to reasonable & fair compensation, & at the very least, a living wage, along with a mandatory safe work environment. Where known hazards exist, employers must take the necessary precautions to ensure & safeguard the safety of employees & all.

Article. Section.:4.46 Integrity

It is the right of every person to expect other people to act with integrity. Where a lawfully formed jury finds an accused guilty of a significant lack of integrity for an outrageous offense, & there is a clear & obvious intent by the accused to defraud or steal or maliciously harm the victim, respecting no Cruel Punishment, the jury should treat the guilty person with a proverbial iron fist that ensures the guilty party & others will act with honesty, respect & integrity. Further offense is added when a person in the wrong does not reasonably settle in mediation & allows the matter to be taken to trial by jury.

Article. Section.:4.47 Integrity In Medicine

Medical professionals are bound to a duty of care of their patients, & to not administer any medicine or treatment that is likely to harm their patient; To not refuse medical aid in an emergency; To not overcharge patients for any treatment; To not refuse medical treatment to any patient for any racial, religious or sexist reason; To not engage in any life threatening activity against people or the planet; To not participate in any body-part trade other than what is freely donated with the written & well informed consent of the donor; To maintain a persons medical records & issues in confidence, save that which proposes a serious risk of plague to the greater populous, which shall be disclosed in confidence to the Boards of Directors of the affected region, who shall have a duty to act sensibly in the interests of the people. Following full Due Process, conforming to criminal law standards, where the entire immediate family & any grandchildren participate & are present, & when the person's Will & Last Testament is carefully considered, with a Trial By Jury's verdict & authority, euthanasia may be granted & professionally administered.

Article. Section.:4.48 Integrity In Agriculture & Food

The use of any pesticides, hormones, hazardous chemicals & substances, or potentially harmful genetically modified foods, must be fully disclosed along with any health risks to the consumer. The production of crops & produce that are known to cause significant health risks may be criminally prosecuted by any person. The farmer, producer, middlemen & sellers of any food, are responsible & liable for damages the consumption of their food causes, where those damages could have, & should have, been reasonably understood & properly forewarned and/or prevented.

Article. Section.:4.49 Integrity In Genetic Engineering

Mankind having reached a level of knowledge where scientists can create new plants & animals species (a function primitive man attributed to “God”), must recognize & acknowledge the awesome responsibility such knowledge carries. Genetic engineering which harms beings shall be prohibited. Any & all genetic engineering will exclusively focus on the care of life & the protection of all beings, in love. No person shall engage in genetic manipulation without full knowledge of the consequences, & that they will not harm other people. Any person found funding, supporting or engaging in genetic engineering that significantly harms people, shall be prosecuted & sent to the Badlands for a length of time necessary to eliminate their threat.

Article. Section.:4.50 Mind Controlling Substances, Frequency, Media & Technology

The producer, middlemen & sellers of any narcotic or mind controlling substance is responsible & liable for the proper use of the substance, including any consequential damages users may cause. A warning on the package alone will not suffice. The sale or distribution of mind altering substances to minors without their parent or guardians written & informed consent, is prohibited, & may be criminally prosecuted by the parent or guardian of the minor, & or prosecuted by any community harmed by the behavior of the consumer.

The distribution or transmission of any significantly damaging hypnotic or mind controlling technology, substance, frequency, media or technology, is strictly prohibited. Any individual or organization who attempts to control or enslave the masses with hypnosis or drugs or frequency or brain or body implants, shall be prosecuted for high-treason.

Article. Section.:4.51 Labeling

Producers & sellers of products that have known or potential dangerous effects or side effects, must to the best of their ability reasonably & clearly disclose the nature of the ingredients of the product, & the known & potential dangers of the product, in the advertising & sales process, & in the labeling of the product, so as to ensure that the consumer is properly educated & aware of any potential or known dangerous effect/s. Producers & sellers are liable for their product meeting their advertised atributes.

Article. Section.:4.52 Internet

No law or system shall bar access to Internet, Internet Domains or communication over public networks. No law or system shall dictate how private networks & systems are set up & managed. Anyone, including individuals, Associations & Universities may setup private networks. Internet search engines shall not censor content without explicitly publishing the details of their censorship algorithms, keywords & black lists.

Internet domain registration shall be operated by Citizen-Services & shall not charge more than 0.003 Grams of gold (0.003 gG) per domain. There shall be no regulation of naming on private networks. Domain sitting, where an organization or individual purchases a domain & keeps the domain name, with the goal of selling the name for profit, shall be illegal & prosecutable as criminal scalping.

Article. Section.:4.53 Trademarks

Genuinely unique trademarks shall be recognized & respected in the specific category of industry or field they are applied to, for the significant life of the product, in the regions the product is directly sold in, & protected from the time the first publication of the Trademark is used by placing “TM” next to said Trademark as such: Trademark Name™. Trademark names must reference real products or products which are in the process of design & production. Genuinely unique Trademark names may not be scalped, to give credibility to products by producers other than their owner.

Article. Section.:4.54 Copyrights & Patents

The purpose of a copyright or patent is to reward the author/inventor of the media, idea or design. Copyrights or patents fail when they are used as a form of blackmail to reward people other than the author or inventor. Patent systems have largely been utilized to censor & limit advanced technology by large conglomerates & corrupt governments, so as to shut out competitors & to enslave the masses with outdated technology & by BAR Association Judges placing Gag-Orders on advanced new technology, including but not limited to anti-gravity & free energy systems.

To lock up an idea is to lock up progress. However, as an example, consider that the person who teaches a criminal how to build an atomic bomb, partakes in the crime when there is damage as a consequence; in some instances people can be liable to a degree for what they publish or teach.

The former Patent System shall be abolished & not recognized nor respected. Copyrighting of text, audio, video (collectively referred to as “media”), ideas & designs shall be recognized for the purpose of rewarding authors & inventors when their media, idea or design is reproduced for sale.

Copyrights shall, where applicable, be scoped to their region of influence. Where another individual can prove they created an identical copyright completely independently in another region at substantially the same time, both copyrights may be recognized for their region of influence, or to an equal or proportional degree where the regions of influence overlap. To copyright a product the copyright mark followed by the original date of creation & the person or organization who created & owns the copyright must be placed on the product as such: “ 2014 Copyright Owner”, in addition to any specific restrictions, limitations or permissions & the annual royalty for single or multiple reproductions, or a website address where the precise reproduction terms can be found if the Copyright Owner name is not a website itself. The terms of reproduction should not be vague. Any person or Association may utilize a copyright for reproduction by paying the copyright royalties to the copyright owner. At least fifty percent (50%) of the royalties for any copyright must go directly to the person/s who authored or invented the work, unless the author/inventor chooses a lower royalty. Copyright rights may be published for sale on the Citizen-Services Trading System. Where less than twenty percent (20%) of a copyrighted product is replicated in a product, no royalty shall be due. Data lawfully accessed off a public Internet & stored in a devices cache for improved network performance, shall not be considered a violation of a copyright. The protection of a copyright shall follow standard civil Due-Process.

Article. Section.:4.55 Acknowledgment, Signatures & Verification

Acknowledgment of an agreement may be accomplished by various types of signatures to the necessary level of verification as specified or required by the magnitude of the contract. Written, digital or biological signatures may be captured & verified through various means, including handwritten signature, email address, IP address, telephone number, face, body, finger print/s, retina scan, handwriting, picture, voice, video, DNA or by use of a unique identity device including an identity document, card or chip & the establishment of location through GPS, routing or picture, with various time stamps.

Article. Section.:4.56 Artificial Weather & Environment Manipulation

Any artificial weather modification must have a beneficial outcome on the environment & people. The induction of earthquakes or tidal waves shall be prohibited, unless approved by a majority of people in the affected region.

Article. Section.:4.57 Dangerous Activities

A person or association that engages in any genuinely dangerous activity, must secure a bond, to be made available to any potential future victims, to cover full & reasonable damages in the event of damages caused by their activity. The security put up for the bond must be reasonably liquidateable in the event of an accident.

A person who causes a wildfire or other damage to public property may be held accountable for damages & or recovery costs. If the damage is intentional, as in arson, they should be held accountable for both damages & cost in addition to punitive measures including extensive appropriate badlands isolation.

Article. Section.:4.58 Prohibition of Gangs

Any group or organization that requires it’s members to be subject to initiation that involves any sort of a threat of harm to any person, & where gang members are required to protect other gang members from liability of any sort of crime, shall be entirely prohibited. Any member of such a gang may be arrested & held until said gang membership is reversed.

Article. Section.:4.59 Prohibition of Cruelty

A person who inflicts cruelty on other people whether animals, fish or birds, must be prosecuted in such a manner so as to immediately cause them to cease & desist their cruelty. No person has any right to take another person’s life for their own pleasure or personal gain. Any Citizen may & should initiate, & prosecute against acts of cruelty, as a Real Party of Interest. All life stands together in protection of life, liberty & the pursuit of happiness. One person’s happiness should never be another’s pain. Whether human, animal or fish. In nature, carnivores survive on carrion, they eat corpses & the sick, carnivores purify nature & the herd.

ARTICLE 5. Due Process, Universal Common Law Court:
Administrative Meeting, Mediation & Trial by Jury

This Constitution enacts the implementation of distributed Universal Common Law Courts managed by the people to facilitate Administrative Hearings, Mediation & Common Law Trial by Jury, with the opportunity for Asynchronous & Synchronous filing, hearings & adjudication. BAR Association Court systems, Admiralty Courts, & Courts of Equity are prohibited. All agreements, contracts & commerce shall conform to this Constitution & Common Law.

Article.Section:.....5.1.1. Definition of Synchronous & Asynchronous Meetings & Hearings

Synchronous meetings are conducted with all parties present either physically at one place or present virtually at the same time, typically conducted over a relatively short period of minutes or hours.

Asynchronous meetings are conducted without the parties present, where participants can be distributed over many locations & are able to communicate asynchronously at different times over the course of the meeting (with for example email or on a website blog), over a period of hours, days, weeks, or longer.

Article. Section.:5.2 Administrative Meeting

Any & all legal action will be preceded with a formal Common Law Administrative Meeting between all parties; The person bringing the matter forward shall schedule & invite the other parties to the Administrative Meeting which shall be scheduled to take place at a reasonable location & time suitable to all parties. The purpose of the Administrative meeting is to get the parties to communicate their grievances in an attempt to mutually resolve the case. If the matter is not settled in the Administrative Meeting, the parties shall enter into formal non-binding Mediation. Following the Mediators recommendations a second Administrative Meeting shall be scheduled by the Mediator/s in an attempt to obtain an agreed resolution, if the matter can still not be settled, the matter may be moved to a formal Trial By Jury.

Article. Section.:5.3 Non-binding Mediation

In civil cases, both parties may stipulate to binding mediation. Criminal cases require a Grand Jury Indictment to proceed with this stage. The person prosecuting the case shall be called the “Applicant”, the person defending the case shall be called the “Respondent”.

Under an Affirmation that their concerted effort to solve the issue in an Administrative Meeting failed, an Applicant may open a case on the Citizen-Services Court System against the Respondent/s. A unique Citizen-Services Court System email address to be used exclusively for filing argument & evidence in the case will be issued. Misuse of the case email address will carry strict penalties. If the Respondent does not voluntarily respond, the Applicant must ensure that a Citizen-Services Court Summons is served directly on the Respondent/s in person by an independent & competent individual who shall submit a proof of service under Affirmation on the Citizen-Service Court system. If the respondent claims that no Administrative Meeting has taken place, the Respondent must agree to a date for an Administrative Meeting within ten (10) days of being served the summons, after which the case shall commence mediation if it is not resolved in the Administrative Meeting.

The parties shall mutually select a qualified mediator on the Citizen-Services Court System, if they cannot agree on the same mediator, they shall each select their own mediator within ten (10) days of the Respondent acknowledging the case or being served the Summons. Any mediator shall be allowed to freely register their mediation service & fees on the Citizen-Service System, listing their skills & qualifications, & the public shall have the ability to openly rate & comment on the mediator’s performance.

The parties shall proceed to make their case by filing evidence, argument & answers into the Citizen-Services Court System for the mediator/s to evaluate.

There shall be no limitations on submission of relevant evidence to a case, which shall be broadly accepted, including reference to on-line information as long as the information is easily accessible by all parties, mediator/s & jurors for the full duration of mediation, trial & any subsequent appeal. The Citizen-Services Court Sytem shall specifying standard file formats & stipulate that all material filed be free of viruses, Trojans or any malicious software. Where physical evidence is submitted, at the expense of the submitting party, the mediator shall store the evidence in a Citizen-Services approved secure location suitable for the type of evidence, & make the evidence reasonably available for inspection by either party, expert witnesses, or by any Jury member if the case goes to Trial by Jury. The party submitting physical evidence may hold the evidence so long as they reasonably present it for the other party, mediator, juror or expert witness to examine on request.

The mediator/s may interview & call the parties & witnesses to hearings which shall be suitably recorded & the recording shall be made accessible within twenty four hours (24) to all parties & their counselors. The mediator & parties to the case are responsible for expediting the case. Mediators must allow parties at least ten (10) days to file answers. Mediators may allow more time to answer when a party provides convincing evidence that they cannot reasonably meet a deadline. All parties to a case may publicly rate & comment on the mediators service.

Once the mediator/s is/are satisfied that the case has been properly presented, answered & filed, they shall call a Mediators Administrative Meeting to propose a settlement. If the Mediators Administrative Meeting fails to resolve the case, it may be brought to Trial By Jury. For a Trial By Jury to proceed, proper evidence & argument must have been filed in the mediation phase.

When a Respondent/s refuses to participate in mediation within thirty (30) days of acknowledging the case, or within (30) days of the Respondent/s being properly served a Citizen-Services Summons for the case, & at least thirty (30) days after the Applicant has properly & comprehensively completed filing evidence & arguments, the Mediator both parties selected or the Applicant's Mediator if the Respondent did not select one, may call a Mediators Administrative Meeting stating mediation has failed & allow the Applicant to proceed to Trial by Jury.

Article. Section.:5.4 Common Law Trial by Jury

Following a failed Mediators Administrative Meeting, the Applicant may bring the case to a Trial By Jury if it has been properly filed during mediation. Where parties to a case have been negligent in filing evidence & argument during mediation, by a majority vote Juries may choose to send the case back to mediation.

In Civil cases the parties may agree on the size of a Jury of between three (3) & twelve (12) jurors, if they cannot agree, the number shall be set at six (6). Criminal trials shall have twelve (12) jurors. Civil trials that incorporate criminal elements may be conducted simultaneously with twelve (12) jurors pursuant to the civil & criminal jury requirements. A sequence of potential jurors shall be randomly selected by the Citizen-Services Court System from Citizens preferably from the region where the crime or dispute occurred; to test if jurors qualify, parties to a case may ask potential jurors any relevant question via email which the potential jurors must answer within three (3) working days; With all parties & their counsel present, hearings or recorded video conferencing may also be utilized to question potential jurors; All jurors must qualify for impartiality & competence. Allowing for expert testimony, jurors must qualify to judge the facts & law relating to the charges, including the act, damage & Intent; Where intent is a significant issue & questionable, the Jury shall be made up of jurors who are qualified to understand the mind of the accused; Where parties to a case challenge the qualifications of a potential juror, after a minimum of four jurors have been approved by both parties, a vote of three quarters of the seated Jury may dismiss a challenge they consider unreasonable; If a party challenges the qualification of one hundred potential jurors before four jurors have been seated, they must select four jurors from those that the other party has approved. The parties to a case may dismiss up to four qualified jurors for no reason; Once the required number plus two reserve jurors have been selected by this method & if the jurors are local, the parties may request a synchronous hearing to finalize Jury selection. A Jury Foreman shall be appointed by a majority vote of the Jurors.

The Trial By Jury shall be conducted dynamically both asynchronously & synchronously, employing asynchronous electronic means where possible. Where parties reasonably demand & require synchronous hearings physically before the Jury, with the approval of at least three jurors, it must be granted. Three or more jurors may also demand synchronous hearings where all jurors are present for discussion. Three or more jurors may demand synchronous hearings to examine the parties & witnesses, at which all parties & their counselors shall be present. The Jury Foreman shall arrange suitable times, dates & locations for synchronous hearings.

Once seated, if they choose, each juror shall be issued a unique Citizen-Services Court System email address to use exclusively for the case. The Jury Foreman along with the Jury shall ensure the case moves forward properly & efficiently. By a majority vote of the jurors a new Jury Foreman may be appointed at any point through the trial. Each juror shall immediately start independently evaluating the evidence & argument filed by the parties on the Citizen-Services Court System, communicating their findings & questions amongst the other jurors, which may also be posted to a suitable online public forum setup by the Citizen-Services Court System. Jurors may request information from the parties & may conduct their own investigations into the matters which they shall share with other jurors & all parties to the case. Jurors may ask the parties of a case any relevant question via email or in person during a synchronous hearing, which must be recorded. With reasonable limitations, jurors may also file relevant evidence & argument in a case.

To expedite a case, the Jury Foreman may demand either party or jurors respond to specific request within ten (10) days. Once jurors reach a verdict they submit it into the Citizen-Services Court System. The Jury Foreman may instruct jurors to conduct further investigation or reconsider their verdict or decision. The Jury Foreman shall be responsible for finding & publishing the final jurors verdict. In a civil case a majority of the jurors decisions determines the outcome of the trial. In a criminal case all the jurors must unanimously determine guilt for a guilty verdict. All parties to a case may publicly rate & comment on jurors service. Any person found guilty of threatening or bribing a juror shall be charged with treason & face the death penalty for serious & violent threats against a juror.

Based on the Jury's ruling, the losing party may be required to pay reasonable costs for the trial in addition to restitution and/or fines. Those found not guilty in criminal trials should be entitled to reasonable costs for defense & damages governed by the Jury's ruling & payable by the parties that brought the case against them. Those subject to Malicious Prosecution should be entitled to double their reasonable defense costs & double any damages suffered as a consequence of the malicious prosecution, payable by the parties maliciously prosecuting the case & determined by the Jury. The Jury may fine any person bringing a frivolous case to trial. Any fines imposed by a Jury shall be paid into the Peoplerisen General-Fund.

In criminal trials where the accused is found guilty of a heinous crime such as murder & is still a threat to other individuals or to society in general, the Jury should determine a course of action to restrain & reform the guilty party until they are no longer a threat. The concept of jails & prisons is highly discouraged & shall be replaced by the Badlands clause of this Constitution.

Article. Section.:5.5 Appeals & Appellate Jury

The people shall have the right to appeal to Appellate Juries to determine whether any criminal trial, any custody case or similar significant subject matter, or a civil trial where a Jury made an award valued at more than the equivalent of ten grams (10gg) of gold, conformed to the Due Process dictated in this Constitution & Common Law. Appellate Juries shall consist of twelve (12) competent individuals of high moral character & unquestionable integrity who have no personal interest in any of the parties of a trial in question. Appellate Jurors must be capable & qualified to judge the conformance of a trial to the Due Process dictated by this Constitution & determine whether the facts were fairly & properly judged. As with all jurors, Appellate jurors are required to act with compete integrity, fairly & impartially & are also liable for any negligence or misconduct.

Annually each County, Provincial & National Board of Directors & the Universal Board of Directors, shall empanel one or more Appellate Juries in each of their regions. A sequence of potential Appellate Jurors shall be randomly selected by the Citizen-Services Court System from Citizens in the various regions & presented to the Boards of Directors. The regions Board of Directors shall vote to approve individual Appellate Jurors who conform to the requirements listed above, in the order of the random sequence of potential Jurors presented to them. Where all Directors of a Board voted unanimously to approve a Juror, the Juror shall be empaneled onto the Appellate Jury. With each twenty (20) Jurors empaneled, an Appellate Jury shall be formed from the first twelve (12) in sequence, with eight (8) alternate Jurors available to replace any of the first twelve who may have a conflict in interest or inability to properly evaluate a case presented to them. When necessary, the Advisory Boards of Directors may also select & appoint qualified Appellate Juries, of the same number of jurors, to address their subject matter.

Appeals may be made to any Appropriate & qualified Appellate Jury, which shall include any Appellate Jury in the County or a neighboring County, Province or Nation where the act/s or event/s judged in the trial took place. Where subject matter is a critical specialized issue, an Appeal to an appropriate Appellate Jury set up by an Advisory Board of Directors, may be made. Appeals should be made within two months of a judgment, & aside from any extenuating circumstances, appeals must be made within five (5) years of the final judgment. Except for appeals made on criminal matters to an Appellate Jury in the County or a neighboring County to the place where the crime allegedly took place, with good reasons & a unanimous vote, Appellate Juries may reject any Appeal as not appropriate for their evaluation. The more remote an Appellant, the greater the harm the Appellant should have suffered, in order to be heard by any particular Appellant Jury.

Any Appellate Jury's decisions to set aside a Trial by Jury's decision must be unanimous & based on proof beyond a reasonable doubt. If a trial at question is found by the Appellate Jury to significantly violate the Due Process Laws of this Constitution & Common Law, including the sensible consideration of evidence, that would have resulted in a reversed outcome, & thus denied the party making the appeal a fair trial, the Appellate Jury shall annul the decision of the original Trial By Jury, & if necessary order another trial.

Appellate Juries shall have the power within their discretion to answer & properly approve writs of Habeas Corpus for any person held captive, in which case, a complete & thorough investigation of the false arrest shall be made public & published on all the related Board/s of Directors websites.

Appellate Juries may impose reasonable fines payable to the Peoplerisen General-Fund on any person making a frivolous appeal.

Article. Section.:5.6 Voter Appeal

If more than fifty percent of a County's Voters vote against the outcome of a trial, with the approval of a majority of the Provincial & National Board of Directors, the outcome of that trial shall be annulled.

ARTICLE 6. Maxims at Common Law:

The following Maxims at Common Law shall be respected by all:


Justice & Innocence

  1. An impartial qualified jury;

  2. No exclusion of relevant evidence or testimony;

  3. Competent parties or counsel.

Defense, Evidence & Witnesses


Ownership & Contracts

Life & Law

ARTICLE 7. Legislation, Tax, Licenses & Codes

Article. Section.:7.1 Legislative Powers

All legislative powers shall be vested in the people & implemented through this Constitution. Any change in this Constitution & in law shall be supported by a two-thirds majority vote of all Citizens & not just a percentage of those who turn out to vote.

Article. Section.:7.2 No Licenses, Codes Or Ordinances

Licensing, permits, fees, fines tolls & other duties demanded by governments have become nothing short of criminal racketeering, adding huge unnecessary bureaucracy & costs to products & services. No licenses, permits or fees shall be required or demanded by the government other than fees for the lease of Public-Property. No codes, ordinances or rules shall be enacted anywhere that violate this Constitution.

Responsibility shall lie with the people. buyers beware. Adults do not need to be managed as children. Those who cause damage are liable for their damage. Acts such as driving without necessary skills, are negligent & shall incur stricter penalties if a negligent driver causes damage. Parents can be liable for damage their children cause. If a builder constructs a building that collapses, the builder is liable. Those who build unsafe or unsightly buildings on public property are liable for their repair or removal & damages. Getting a community involved & participating in building approval, provides a developer more than protection. If a producer claims their product meets certain specifications & the specifications are not met, the producer can be liable for fraud & damages. Anyone causing pollution is responsible for the damages & liable for cleaning it up & restoring the environment. A person that causes significant damage to their neighbor or to future generations is liable. Anyone dealing with or selling to minors, is bound to extra care, & is also responsible to the minor’s parents & society in general. People are responsible for their actions & any impact they have on neighbors. Act responsibly with respect.

Article. Section.:7.3 No Tax Or Duty

As the people are the government & the people receive Revenue-Share from Public Resources, there is no need for taxation or duty to fund government. There shall be no taxation or duty due other than reasonable lease costs on the Peoples Resources, pursuant to the Articles in that regard in this Constitution. To prevent racketeering & profiteering, any fines, tickets, penalties, putative damages, or any other charges demanded by any Court, Counties, Provinces, Boards, Associations or individuals for offenses or nuisance, shall be payable into the Peoplerisen General-Fund. Citizens & Associations who make considerable profits should voluntarily take care of those less fortunate & also contribute to their local, County, Provincial, National & Universal infrastructure. Those who use a Public Resource should maintain & improve it.

Article. Section.:7.4 No State Marriage License or Registry

No tax advantage or disadvantage being given to married couples eliminates the necessity for any State or People's marriage license or registry. Where a couple wish to merge or share assets & income they should establish an Association defining in detail it's Constitution & terms. Dissolution of the Association shall follow whatever the Associations' Constitution lawfully specifies. Any dissolution of a marriage without any Constitution shall follow the standard due-process under this Constitution. Where people merge assets without any formal contractual terms, the ownership of the assets shall be determined pursuant to standard due-process herein. Where a person wishes to specify inheritance they should establish a will & last testament. Associations offering benefits to a spouse must allow the beneficiary to freely name their partner.

An adult may change their name by a simple change of registration on the Citizen-Services system, however, their given birth name & any past names they register shall remain in the system. Parent’s governance & care of their children shall be 50/50. A parent’s access to their children shall never be denied. Any person harming a child may be held criminally liable, including the child's parent/s; the County Board of Directors may appoint a qualified & liable guardian to prosecuted a case in the interests of a child, where the evidence of harm to the child is clear & outrageous; Any parent/s found guilty by a jury of outrageously harming their child, may, based on the jury's decision, loose Citizenship, however their Child shall remain a child Citizen & the County Board of Directors & jury shall appoint a suitable guardian under the Board of Directors supervision & mutual liability, to care for the child. Custody disputes that cannot be mutually agreed on by the parents themselves or through mediation, shall follow the standard due-process in this Constitution & be finally decided by a Jury. Where parents decide to live in separate homes, the children should be given a choice & be able to move freely between both parents homes, however, generally parents who separate should have 50/50 access to their children. Responsibility for caring & supporting children should be defined in the Parents Association's Constitution or mutually agreed by parents, if they cannot reach an agreement, the support responsibility should generally be 50/50 or according to the percentage with whom the children live or as determined by a Jury.

ARTICLE 8. Citizens & Residents

Article. Section.:8.1 Citizenship & Identity

Any person aged eighteen (18) or older signing their name & thereby taking an Affirmation in support of this Universal Peoplerisen Constitution, shall be a Citizen. To vote on any matter in a County or any Region, a Citizen must have a registered Homestead in that region. To receive Peoplerisen General-Fund Revenue-Share benefits as a Citizen, a Citizen or one of their parents if they are eighteen (18 years) or younger, must practice this Constitution & own a Homestead in an established Universal Peoplerisen Constitution Region.

The Identity of Citizens shall be registered with the County & on the Citizen-Services System & shall consist of the following:

The citizens photograph & voice recording will be used for Citizen-Services identification & must be kept up to date by the citizen. For added security, Citizens may also voluntarily utilize finger prints, retina scans & DNA coding. Identity numbers shall not be used to identify citizens. To identify an individual the following general sequence should be utilized until identity to the level of security necessary is established: Last Name; First Name; Citizen-Services Email Address; Citizen-Services Password; County; Province; Region; Other Names; Picture; Voice Recording; Birth Date; added optional security such as fingerprints.

Article. Section.:8.2 Registering Citizens Children for Benefits

For children of Citizens to receive benefits the parents must register their children on Citizen-Services on proof of conception or after the birth of the child or when the parent becomes a Citizen. Each child's registration must be verified by two (2) Directors from the local County Board of Directors & witnessed by two local independent Homesteaded Citizens. Children & adopted children shall be registered with their parent/s or adopted parent/s. The parent/s / adopted parent/s shall be responsible for ensuring the child's Revenue-Share is used only in the best interest of the child. A child's Revenue-Share may not be utilized for the parents benefit, the local County Board of Directors should ensure compliance in this without being obtrusive. Parents who falsely register a child when no child was born or adopted, or who collect Revenue-Share on a deceased child, shall loose Citizenship rights. Revenue-Share for children shall be paid out to the child's account from the day the child is registered on Citizen-Services, to one month after the child's death. To maintain Citizenship & it’s benefits as an adult, in their eighteenth (18) year or older, children of Citizens must also become signatories to this Constitution.

In order to ensure responsible reproduction & reasonable care in child raising, at least ten percent (10%) per child, of parents monthly Revenue-Share, should be spent by the parents on the care of their children up to the age of 18.

Article. Section.:8.3 Death of a Citizen

Families, hospitals & morgues are responsible for immediately reporting the death of any Citizen on the Citizen-Services System. Relatives & neighbors may also report the death of a Citizen on the Citizen-Services System. Any person who collects the Revenue-Share of a dead person with knowledge of the death, shall loose all Citizenship rights. Revenue-Share payment for Citizens shall extend one month after the death of the person to cover burial costs. Any Revenue-Share collected over one month after the death of a Citizen, shall be paid back to the people by those who collected it, & they shall also be prosecuted for fraud or negligence.

There shall be no death-duty. Citizens may register their will & last testament on the Citizen-Services System or with any competent counsel, relative or guardian. If a deceased person does not have a written will, their inheritance shall vest according to the following order: Fifty percent to their surviving spouse & fifty percent shared equally to their surviving children (or children's children if their children are deceased), or all to one if the other does not exist; If neither spouse nor any children exist, the inheritance shall vest equally to parents; If parents do not exist, the inheritance shall vest equally to surviving brothers & sisters & if they do not exist; equally to surviving nieces & nephews; If no relatives exist, the inheritance shall vest to the Peoplerisen General-Fund. After death, a family will have one year to sell or transfer the dead persons Homestead, after which period any family option to inherit the dead persons Homestead rights shall be lost.

Taking up space on earth to bury the dead, should not abuse useful space for future generations. Cremation or fertilization should be the preferred methods to take care of the dead.

Article. Section.:8.4 Citizen-Service

Each Citizen & Resident aged eighteen years (18) or older shall to the best of their abilities provide the equivalent of thirty two (32) days of eight working hours service each year in service of the people. Citizens aged sixteen (16) & seventeen (17) shall provide ten (10) days Citizen-Service annually. The function, date & time of service shall be appointed by a Board of Directors from the region/s the person lives in. A Citizen-Service appointment of higher Board of Directors shall override lower Board of Directors appointments. If not appointed by a Board of Directors, the Citizen or Resident may choose their own function, date & time for Citizen-Service. The allocation & service shall be registered by the Board of Directors and/or Citizen on a Citizen-Services public website for such purpose. Any Citizens will have the opportunity to publicly complement or criticize the service of their fellow Citizens on said website.

The Citizen-Service provided should generally be in line with the skills of the Citizen. Construction workers can assist in maintenance & construction of public properties. Laborers can provide cleanup services of public properties. If not elected & vacancies exist, executives with excellent management skills should be appointed to serve on the Boards of Directors, or appointed to committees of the Boards to assist with management. Experts & analysts can be utilized for the Public-Resource Teams. Auditors can be utilized for auditing the various functions of governance & decisions along with the integrity of voting in other areas. Mediators should offer mediation services in the Courts. Jury duty can be part of Citizen-Service. As part of their Citizen-Service, Counselors can be assigned to help defend those who cannot afford a defense. Doctors can provide their thirty two days service in providing free medical service to the needy. Security professionals can provide service in policing functions. Farmers can care for public lands or assist the needy in establishing vegetable gardens. Each as the Board of Directors determines their best allocation. Each person contributing to the best of their ability, to the common good of all. The hours & days of service need not be consecutive. Where necessary, with the Citizen's agreement, a Board of Directors may assign a citizens service for two years concurrent service, which will exempt the Citizen from service in the next year. Citizens may also volunteer for additional Citizen-Service.

Citizens or Residents who cannot provide Citizens-Service because of a serious disability or old age, may be exempted by a majority vote from their County Board of Directors. Citizens who cannot provide Citizen-Service for reasons of travel outside of their region, may apply to a majority of their County Board of Directors or any Board who allocated their service, for a delay of Citizen-Service, or for the provision of a service from a remote location. Where a Citizen reasonably refuses a Board of Directors allocated Citizen-Service, that Citizen must propose a superior use of their time, which if reasonable, must be accepted by the Board/s of Directors.

Failure of any Citizen to provide annual Citizen-Service shall eliminate the Citizen's benefits from Revenue-Share. A Citizen who unreasonably refuses to provide Citizens Service for more than five years, & who refuses to catch up the provision of their services, shall after being found guilty by a Jury for failure to serve, loose their Citizenship & any Citizen rights for ten years & be liable for the equivalent cost of their services not provided over the period they failed to provide Citizen-Service.

Article. Section.:8.5 Non-Citizen Residents

Living in a Peoplerisen region is considered a privilege. Residents who are not Citizens shall also be required to provide Citizen-Service & also conform to the terms of this Constitution. If the Resident is not a permanent Resident, the number of days service shall be apportioned according to the percentage of the year they are resident in the region. A Resident who unreasonably refuses to provide Citizens Service for a period of more than five years, & who refuses to catch up the provision of their services, shall after being found guilty by a Jury for failure to serve, be liable for the equivalent cost of their services not provided over the period they failed to provide Citizen-Service & may be evicted from the region.

ARTICLE 9. Boards of Directors

It is not the intent nor purpose of this Constitution to have a large central government or many meetings of the Boards of Directors. A competently run County, Province & Nation shall establish guidelines, procedures & systems which provide efficient & fair automated, self regulating, balanced management of resources & governance by the people for the people.

The Boards of Directors listed under this Article shall be established to improve efficiency & oversight of peoples based governance. It is the goal of this Constitution that the functions of the Boards of Directors be minimized through the automation provided by Citizen-Services infrastructure & that people based governance rule. All matters before a Board of Directors must be made public & decisions made by any Board of Directors must also be open & accessible to public voting. A majority vote of the people for or against a matter will in all instances rule and/or rescind any Boards vote. The Boards of Directors are subordinate to the people. Only Universal Peoplerisen Constitution Citizens Homesteaded in a region may server on a Board in that region.

The concept of a King, Queen, Prime Minister, President or CEO or an Executive Office is specifically not implemented by this Constitution as history has shown Executives & Heads of States invariably become corrupt. Where interaction with other Nations requires a “Head of State” to attend a function, the current Chairman of the National Board of Directors shall assume the role & report back all issues to the People & the Boards of Directors for the people to consider.

Article. Section.:9.1 Election

Candidate Directors shall be proposed & voted for by Homesteaded Citizens in their regions to be on various Boards. All voting shall be public & carried out on the Citizen-Services voting system. There shall be no secret ballots.

Ten or more Citizen may propose a Citizen for a position on a local County Board, one hundred or more for a Provincial Board, one thousand or more for a National Board, & ten thousand or more for a Universal Board or Advisory Board.

Each Board shall clearly lists proposed candidates & their qualifications on their websites.

Candidates must be given equal opportunity for platforms & promotion through the Citizen-Services System. The voting cycle shall be open & Citizens may vote or withdraw their vote for any candidate at any time & will also be able to verify their votes through the system, & comment on, & rate Directors performance. Citizens may vote for any number of candidates for Boards in their region. Citizen-Services shall provide Directors public email addresses to use exclusively for the Board's business. All Directors communications shall be recorded & public.

Directors who receive the highest number of votes shall be appointed to positions.

Where a person is voted onto multiple Boards, the elected person may choose where to apply their Citizen-Services, & may voluntarily serve as much additional time as they choose. Directors who serve more than their 32 days Citizen-Service on any Board, should be provided the means for people to donate funds to them in respect of their added service. All donations & payments made to a Director, whether made through the system of privately, & the full details there of, including the donor name/s, source & type of donation, must be clearly published on the Board website.

Article. Section.:9.2 Term of Service

Based on the number of votes the Directors receive, the Citizen-Services System shall dynamically assign their month & position of service to the various Boards at least one month in advance. Less than a months notice of Service to a Director, may be required with unforeseen circumstances. The Citizen-Services assignment system shall work to ensure the smooth & consistent operation of the Boards of Directors. Directors dates of service shall be scheduled to ensure the Boards consist of a mix & balance of candidates with higher votes throughout the year. Directors shall make every effort to serve on the days they are assigned.

On Synchronous Boards, the first month of a Directors service shall be automatically assigned by the Citizen-Services System one month in advance, & shall count as the Directors annual Citizen-Service. Directors who choose to serve additional months beyond their Citizen-Service, may choose which additional month/s of the year to serve, depending on the availability of positions. Additional months service should be registered a year in advance & may be modified up to two moths prior to service.

On Asynchronous Boards, Directors shall be assigned their start date by Citizen-Services at least one month before service. During service, Directors shall be on call asynchronously throughout the day, day-to-day until their length of service is complete. Directors shall report to Citizen-Services after completing the equivalent of one day (8 hours) service, to be deducted off their thirty two days times eight hours (32 x 8) Citizen-Service & any additional length of time they choose to serve. Two days before a Director leaves the Board the next in line candidate, based on the number of votes received, shall be appointed. To ensure a balance of seniority on a serving Board, Citizen-Services may schedule the Directors service in two more more sessions through they year.

The number of Directors on a Board may at any time be increased or decreased by a majority vote of the Board of Directors or by a majority vote of the citizens in that region. The Board of Directors may also appoint sub-committees from amongst the eligible Citizens in their regions. The assignment of any Citizen to Citizen-Service shall follow the same priorities as the Director Appointments, with the Universal Board of Directors having the highest priority in assignment & the County Boards having the lowest authority of assignment for Citizen-Service.

Vacancies & newly created Directorships resulting from any increase in the number of directors or any absenteeism, shall be filled by the next available person receiving the next highest number of Citizen votes. If insufficient persons receive votes for Directorship Positions on a Board, by a majority vote, higher level Boards of Directors may appoint or remove Citizens for duty on the lower Boards as part of their annual Citizen-Service.

When during service, as a consequence of a significant number of voters withdrawing their vote, a Directors eligibility to serve on a Board based on their number of supporting votes drops below the number of votes the lowest Director on the Board received, the Director shall immediately step down & be replaced by the candidate with the next highest votes.

Article. Section.:9.3 Boards Of Directors:

The general functions of the Boards of Directors shall be to monitor the affairs in their region for compliance with this Constitution; To develop & implement plans to address any special needs in their regions & ensure that no person in their region is unfairly taken advantage of; Assign Citizen-Services sensibly without causing undue hardship in the interests of the community; To analyze & monitor security & safety from any internal or external threats to their region & develop & implement plans with the people to address such threats in conformance with this Constitution; To ensure Leases of Public Resources are managed properly & benefit the people & to perform any necessary function in the service of the people to carry out the goals of the Constitution.

In general, Boards of Directors should inspire Citizens in their region to:

There shall be two types of Boards of Directors:

The Boards may setup Committees of Citizens to address different functions & tasks. Boards may appoint any number of Citizens serving their Citizen-Service to assist them. The people may also setup their own teams independent of any Board of Directors to perform some of the functions of the Boards in the interests of the people, who's independent acts shall be verified where necessary, by a majority vote of the people.

Directors shall only utilize their exclusive Board email address for communication of the Boards business which shall be published on blogs setup for the various Boards & Directors, allowing Citizens to follow & audit the Boards & Directors. Two types of communication may be delayed in their publication to the Director & Board Communication Blogs, & one type removed:

  1. Communication involving the tracking for arrest or expulsion of an extremely dangerous criminal that would prevent capture, may be delayed where absolutely necessary from publication on the blog for a maximum of one year, however, typically not more than one week. Such communication shall be released once the criminal is captured.

  2. Communication that would clearly undermine the prevention of an imminent violent invasion or violent terrorist attack, may be delayed from publication for a maximum of one year & shall be published when the risk is averted. Let it be noted that the publication & exposure of such threats is often the most powerful means of eliminating the threat.

  3. Any communication a Jury classifies a serious libel, or where serious libel is admitted by a perpetrator in mediation, may be removed from any publication.

Article.Section:.....9.3.1. County Board of Directors

A Synchronous County Board of Directors consisting of twelve (12) concurrent Directors elected at the County level shall be established amongst other identified key functions to:

Article.Section:.....9.3.2. Provincial Board of Directors

An Asynchronous Provincial Board of Directors consisting of thirty (30) concurrent Directors elected at the Provincial level shall be established amongst other identified key functions to:

Article.Section:.....9.3.3. National Board of Directors

An Asynchronous National Board of Directors consisting of fifty (50) concurrent Directors elected at the National level shall be established amongst other identified key functions to:

Article.Section:.....9.3.4. International Board of Directors

An Asynchronous International Board of Directors consisting of six (6) concurrent Directors from each of the Universal Peoplerisen Constitution Nations, with provisional non-voting positions for up to two (2) elected officials from each other Non-Universal Peoplerisen Constitution Nation who seeks to participate, shall be established amongst other identified key functions to:

Article.Section:.....9.3.5. Universal Board of Directors

An Asynchronous Universal Board of Directors consisting of six (6) concurrent Directors from each Universal Peoplerisen Constitution Nation & six (6) concurrent Directors from any associated Universal Peoplerisen Constitution Planet/s, with provisional non-voting positions for up to two (2) elected officials from any other Non-Universal Peoplerisen Constitution Nation on Earth, shall be established amongst other identified key functions to:

Article.Section:.....9.3.6. Advisory Boards of Directors

Various Advisory Boards shall be established consisting of elected Citizens serving their Citizen-Services to provide advice & recommendations to the people.

Article. Section.:9.4 Retarded Action

The purpose of the Boards of Directors is to provide efficiency in governance & to promote & not limit the peoples power. All matters decided by a Boards of Directors, including approval of Leases & Homestead allocations, shall also be constantly listed for vote on the relevant Board of Directors websites & the option given to Citizens to also vote on all matters. Voting shall remain open in regard to Lease Proposals & Approvals for the duration of the lease. When a quarter of the Citizens in a region vote on any matter the Board of Directors decision will be disregarded & the matter will require a democratic decision & vote by the people.

Article. Section.:9.5 Indemnification

By a majority vote of the relevant Board of Directors, indemnification & advance payment of expenses may be granted to Directors & Agents, including Jurors, against all reasonable expenses actually & necessarily incurred by them in connection with defending themselves from a lawsuit filed in relation to any act they made in course of their duty working in the interests of the people. The individual shall however have no right to reimbursement in relation to matters as to which they have been adjudged liable for gross negligence or misconduct in the performance of their duties, or where they were derelict in the performance of their duty by reason of willful misconduct, bad faith, gross negligence or reckless disregard of the duties of their office or position. With a majority of a the relevant Board of Directors, the right to indemnity for expenses shall also apply to the expenses of suits settled in mediation.

Article. Section.:9.6 Meetings of the Boards

Meetings of the Boards of Directors for any purpose may be held at reasonable times & places either Synchronously or Asynchronously. All Board meetings & communications of Directors shall be recorded, & published live where possible, & published with transcripts as soon as possible on the Board of Directors website.

The Chairman of each Board shall be present at all meetings of the Boards & copied on all communications between Directors, if the Chairperson of the Board is unable to attend any meeting, he/she shall appoint in writing for each meeting a Stand-in-Chairperson for such specific purposes.

Within what is reasonable & practicable, without causing any disruption, Citizens may attend & monitor all meetings & communications of the Boards of Directors.

Article. Section.:9.7 Notice of Synchronous Meetings of the Boards

Notice of synchronous meetings of the Boards of Directors shall be given in writing via email to all Directors & published on the relative website not less than:

Article. Section.:9.8 Veto.

The Chairperson of a Board shall have veto powers on any matter voted on by the Board of Directors. The invocation of such a veto shall bring the matter to the direct attention & vote of the Citizens in accordance with the Citizens voting rights.

Article. Section.:9.9 Use Of Communications Equipment

Meetings of the Board of Directors & Committees of the Board may be effectuated by means of communications equipment that allows all persons to either hear or read all input, & identify participants making the input. Participation by such means constitutes presence in person at the meeting.

ARTICLE 10. Voting, Notices, Meetings
& Actions of Boards & Citizens

Peoplerisen implements real-time democratic voting. There is no election cycle. Matters are registered for vote, once the matter receives sufficient votes it is enacted.

Article. Section.:10.1 Registering Voting Matters

A quarter or more of the members of any Board of Directors may register any matter for vote in their region. Fifty (50) Citizens may register a matter for voting at the County level; one thousand (1000) Citizens at the Provincial level & five thousand (5,000) Citizens at the National level. Any website may be used to promote ideas & collect the required number of voters to register a matter for voting. Following proof of support by the promoter of the matter, it will be tabled on the relevant County, Province or National website & their supporters must formally register their support for registering the matter to vote within five days of the matter being tabled. Once registered, these matters will be open to gather votes on the relevant County, Provincial or National websites for Board of Directors and/or the people's vote. If a matter fails to obtain the necessary number of votes after being open for vote for two years, it shall be removed.

Article. Section.:10.2 Publication of Voting Matters & Comments

Once registered, matters open for vote shall be published on the regional websites providing relevant information relating to the matter. Each matter will have open comment sections that may be sorted & ranked based on Citizens supporting, opposing or abstaining on the matter, along with the voters name & any related qualification of the Citizen voting & commenting. The number of views & ratings by readers shall also be listed. Libel & foul language shall be prohibited. The comment section shall also cater for setting aside spam or abuse, however, said comments & spam shall also be publicly listed in a spam section linked to the voting matter & the persons responsible for the spam or abuse shall be prosecuted with severe penalties.

Article. Section.:10.3 Notice Of Citizen Voting Matters

A Notice via email of any matter tabled for citizen vote shall be sent to each Citizen eligible to vote on the matter within five days of the matter being registered. Said Notice shall include a categorized title of the voting matter with a link to the matters web-page & any opposing web-page/s & shall not contain more than five hundred characters describing the matter by those tabling the matter for vote. A five hundred or less character description opposing the mater, shall also be included in the Notice by any organized opposition that receives the prerequisite number of votes necessary to register the matter. The regions website shall list all Notices, describing, promoting & opposing the matter, which should also provide links to other relevant web pages that receive a total amount of “likes” equivalent or in excess of the prerequisite number of voters required for registering a matter.

Article. Section.:10.4 Right to Vote

Only Citizens with Homesteads, or Citizens registered & confirmed as permanently living at a Homestead by the Homestead Owner, in the region the matter is applied to, may vote. The right of Citizens eligible to vote shall not be restricted in any way. All votes shall be made & recorded on-line through official regional sites setup for voting. When the requisite majority of Directors and/or Citizens vote in support of a matter, the matter shall be approved & enacted. In all cases, when a quarter of eligible voters vote on a matter the Board of Directors vote shall be disregarded. If it appears that a majority of Citizens are likely to vote in opposition to a measure when a majority of a Board of Directors have approved it, the approval shall be delayed a further two weeks to allow Citizens to vote on the matter. Any Citizen found guilty by a jury of selling or trading their vote, or stealing votes, shall cease to be a Citizen. Cheating will not in any way be tolerated.

Article. Section.:10.5 Registration of Votes

Where possible, with each vote a picture of the person voting at the time of the vote shall be registered. In all cases the voters official email address including any routing & time stamping on the vote shall be registered. An email confirmation shall be sent to each citizen confirming the details of their vote & their vote shall be registered & publicly viewable on the relative voting site. Citizens may change their vote at any time. Citizen-Services shall be responsible for providing the voting systems, services, verification & vote integrity checks including public audits of the votes. Public voting & information stations shall also be provided by Citizen-Services at convenient locations for access by people unable to access on-line voting.

Article. Section.:10.6 No Secrecy

There shall be no secret or hidden meaning nor intent in words or sentences; the purpose & intent of a word or sentence should be clear & obvious & carry the meaning as understood by the common person.

To prevent fraud in vote counting & verification, there will be no secrecy in voting. A person is publicly accountable for what & who they vote for.

Article. Section.:10.7 Quorum

For a matter to be approved a quorum is necessary. A quorum is reached when more than half of all Directors on a Board or more than half the citizens from the region in which the vote is being counted, vote in favor of a matter, unless by express provision of this Constitution a specific matter requires a different vote.

In all voting matters the specified percentage of each & every eligible voter from a region or Board entitled to vote, shall be considered, & not just a count of those who turn out to vote for or against a matter.

Article. Section.:10.8 Abstention Vote

In all voting matters an Abstention Vote option must be provided for expressing no interest in the matter. Abstention Votes shall be counted for removing the matter from the ballot & added to opposing votes. Where more than half a region's voters vote for an Abstention Vote on a matter, the matter shall not be listed again for voting on for a period of three (3) years.

Article. Section.:10.9 Waiver

Whenever a notice is required, the person or persons entitled to such notice, may choose in writing or on-line to set aside the need for the notice.

ARTICLE 11. Regions & Boundaries of Universal Earth

National Boundaries have been artificially created, generally by ruling classes starting wars for the purpose of gaining control of a region so as to benefit themselves personally & to steal Natural Resources. The primary focus of National boundaries is generally to divide & conquer. National Boundaries, in effect are foreign to the concepts of Peoplerisen. It is the divisions in societies that cause civilization to fail. A civilized society does not force boundaries other than respect for a persons Homestead & the right to travel, & to do business fairly without hassles, & to enjoy the beauty of nature & the planet. In order to create effective management, Peoplerisen implements six regions, the Homestead, County, Province, Nation, Planet & Universe. The primary active governance is at the County Level. At the National level, Peoplerisen Nations cooperate to eliminate war & promote cooperation.

Citizen Homestead

Each Citizen over the age of eighteen (18) shall be entitled to own up to two thousand square meters (2,000m) of terrestrial land in no more than two parcels as their Homestead.

In regions where there is limited space, Homesteads shall be smaller, as fairly & equitably determined by the people of a County & managed by their Board of Directors. Homesteads in prime locations should be smaller, or the land be public & leased for the benefit of all. Multistory residential building owners may divide their Homestead land ownership on the land footprint.

There shall be no taxation, duties or any fees levied against a Citizen's Homestead. A Citizens Homestead may not be taken from them, except equitably according to specific clauses in this Constitution.

Citizens may build what they choose on their Homestead without permits, licenses or any other demands, save what genuinely amounts to unreasonable pollution, which can include visual pollution defined by the local community’s tastes.

No person may enter a Homestead without the permission of the owner, save those issued a lawful warrant granting access in conformance to this Constitution's specific clauses.

Applications for, & registration of Citizen Homesteads shall be fairly & equitably managed & recorded by the County Board of Directors on the Citizen-Services system, respecting the preservation of agricultural land, mining land, leased land, People's Parks, the commons & rights-of-way. Oversight from Provincial & National Boards of Directors shall ensure fair allocation.

Any Citizen wishing to establish a Homestead in a County, must file an application on the Citizens-Services system website for that County. Subject to the availability of land suitable for a Homestead, with a consecutive three-month majority vote, the County Board of Directors may reasonably allocate suitable Homestead sites to Citizens, preferably where the applicant requests, however, respecting no degradation of Peoples-Parks, agricultural land, key ecological or key economic land, or rights-of-way, & taking into account existing neighbors desires.

A Citizen has a right to own a homestead in a County if any of the following conditions are met:

Citizens Homesteads shall be acquired on a first-come first-serve basis & may also be bequeathed, or surrendered to the people, transferred or sold to a person already Homesteaded in the region. If the sale of a Homestead is not for another Citizens Homestead, the buyer will also need to establish a land lease agreement with the County Board of Directors pursuant to the Lease terms of this Constitution.

Allowing for a maximum of six (6) months to move to a new Homestead, Citizens must ensure their former Homestead is no longer registered in their name; any Citizen who attempts to hold more than two thousand square meters as their Homestead, shall by the vote of a majority of any Board of Directors in the region, loose their Homestead rights for five (5) years & entirely for a third offense.

Where a Homestead lies on or in the path of an important right-of-way, Extractable Resource / mine or a major public project, a majority of the people from the County or Province may vote & contribute to pay for moving of the Citizens Homestead to a similar or suitable homestead site, or provide suitable & fair compensation.

Water necessary for running a Homestead & its agricultural needs, shall be freely available to the Homestead owner, excess water entering the land must be allowed to continue on down its natural course. Excess water in a watercourse may be utilized equitably & fairly by Citizens down the watercourse & shall be managed the local County, Provincial & National Boards of Directors. Where there is no water available on a Homestead site, the Homesteader must be given reasonable access by neighbors to other nearby water-sources or County water-sources. Where water is scarce, the rights to the water must be fairly shared amongst Citizens. Citizens & the County Board of Directors should ensure that sewage is properly handled & where necessary provide services for such.

It is a Citizens duty to ensure that the land on which they establish their Homestead is kept as they found it or improved. Polluting a Homestead is prohibited & shall be enforced reasonably by the County Board of Directors. While chemical pollution is the primary concern, said pollution can also be of a visual, sound or of other nature. When one hundred or more Citizens from the County object in writing to significant pollution on or from a Homestead in their County, the County Board of Directors shall issue a Notice signed by a majority of the Directors, ordering the Citizen to cleanup the pollution within a reasonable period. If the offending Homestead is not cleaned within the reasonable time period given on the Notice, with a majority vote of the County Board of Directors, a necessary proportion of the Citizens-Share of Peoplerisen General-Fund distribution may be allocated to paying for cleaning up the pollution according to the County Board of Directors instructions. If the funds are not sufficient to cleanup the pollution, pursuant to the due-process prescribed herein, the Homesteader may be charged with negligence & if found guilty, the Jury may in their judgment determine appropriate & fair measures which may include expelling the Citizen from their Homestead. A person who has been three times properly & fairly expelled from their Homestead in such a manner, shall loose their rights to a Homestead.

Except in the case where a Citizens registers with a County Board of Directors for extended travel, where land registered as a Citizen's Homestead is not occupied at all by the Citizen through a seven year period, the land shall become public land, however not without just compensation for the buildings & improvements the owner added to the property.

The Homestead is to be established for a persons home & not a place for other people to lease. Where there is no major detrimental impact on neighbors, Bead & breakfast & home businesses, shall be permitted on Homesteads.

Where a Citizen chooses a nomadic lifestyle, they may register a Virtual-Homestead with any County Board of Directors that will accept them as a base & who will assume responsibility of assigning their Citizen-Services & any other functions a County Board of Directors perform in service of a Citizen.

Article. Section.:11.1 County

The County Board of Directors shall form the primary seat of governance & shall be responsible for identifying, allocating & registering Homesteads & other functions defined in the Board of Directors Article of this Constitution.

At the establishment of this Constitution, existing Counties or Wards shall be recognized; when a majority of adults in these Counties or Wards become signatories to this Constitution, that County or Ward shall be declared a County under this Universal Peoplerisen Constitution.

If a majority of adult Citizens in each of two existing Counties vote to enjoin their neighboring Counties, the two Counties shall become one.

A minimum of one thousand Citizens in a contiguous region of no less than one square kilometer, who all in full agreement, may establish their own new County in conformance to this Constitution. In high-density city areas, the minimal limitations on County area, may be calculated taking into account multistory building surface area. Counties should follow natural geographic formations, & must form contiguous areas, which may in the case of islands, incorporate a group of islands.

Public Land is not open for random use, but rather assigned for specific public use or leased for specific functions by the County Board of Directors & the Citizens of the County. In order to ensure the land is taken care of, County Boards of Directors may assign Citizens & Residents as guardians of the land so as to ensure the assigned function of the land is respected. While animals may roam freely across public land, the general public shall generally be restricted to public rights-of-way, which may also include general roaming regions for hiking & other activities. Counties shall ensure sufficient & suitable rights-of-way are provided to access Homesteads & to all reasonably significant locations, & in connecting to bordering Counties. Citizens in a County are responsible for policing & taking care of their County.

While there shall be no prohibition of citizens running non-polluting business from their Homestead, the County Boards of Directors should map out commercial & industrial regions where the land is best leased for commercial purposes & not for homesteads. The city center, industrial districts & mines, should be set aside for commercial zoning. Residential areas should be set for homesteading. Agricultural land should be set for agricultural leases allowing for non-arable regions within the agricultural area to be utilized for homesteads.

Article. Section.:11.2 Provincial

A Province (also referred to as a State in some Nations) shall consist of at least ten contiguous Counties

. New Provinces may be formed with the majority vote of Citizens in each of four or more contiguous Counties, so long as there remains at least four Counties in the original Province. Provinces may merge with other contiguous Provinces with a majority vote of the people in each Province. The Provincial Board of Directors shall be responsible for ientifying, allocating & registering Counties on the Citizen-Services Registry & other functions defined in the Board of Directors Article of this Constitution.

Article. Section.:11.3 National

A Nation may consist of at least ten consensual Provinces. New Nations may be formed with the majority vote of Citizens in one or more Provinces. Nations may merge with other contiguous Nations with a majority vote of the people in each Nation. The National Board of Directors shall be responsible for identifying, allocating & registering Provinces & Counties on the Citizen-Services Registry & other functions defined in Board of Directors Article of this Constitution.

Article. Section.:11.4 Air

The airspace above the land must be respected within reasonable safe unobtrusive limits from a safety, noise & pollution perspective. Any person or Association causing serious pollution damage that is carried by air to neighboring properties, may be criminally liable, & is not only responsible for ceasing & desisting, but also for any necessary cleanup. Prosecution of polluters shall follow the due process prescribed herein, & may be instituted reasonably by any affected Citizen.

Flight paths should attempt to follow the least obtrusive path with practical & reasonable limits. As anti-gravity vehicles become the norm for travel, three dimensional rights-of-way must be established to ensure safe unencumbered travel with ease of access to necessary points, including Homesteads & leased property & open commons.

Article. Section.:11.5 Water

Bodies of water larger than one hundred thousand (100,000 l) liters shall be considered the people's natural resources & shall not be polluted.

Those responsible for causing significant pollution in the ocean or on the land which is washed into the ocean, waterways, rivers, dams or ponds, shall be held criminally liable for damage & responsible for cleanup or the costs thereof in addition to putative damages. Responsibility for cleaning up damage caused by pollution, shall be shared by those responsible for using, selling, marketing & manufacturing the product or action that caused the pollution, according to their relative negligence & ability to pay. There shall be no dumping of any waste in the ocean, waterways, rivers, dams or ponds.

The oceans shall be considered common territory & shall extend to the high-water mark of the coastline to the center of the ocean between a neighboring Nation. Public beach access shall not be restricted up to the high-water mark. Waterways which are utilized as rights-of-way, shall not be restricted.

Over the 1800's, 1900's & early 2000's, the oceans have been subject to the tragedy of the commons. Greedy fisheries have wiped out most of the life in the oceans. The extent & violence of this damage is so extreme that ceasing & desisting all commercial fishing, save properly managed fish farms, is the only option. As this Constitution provides Homesteads & income for Citizens from other Natural Resources, no extreme hardship is caused by protective measures banning commercial fishing. The commercial fisheries who have caused the devastation need to be prosecuted for their crimes & their assets & profits need to be utilized to reseed the oceans with the fish populations they destroyed.

Any mining of minerals in or below the ocean shall be subject to lease contracts governed by the International Board of Directors & the proceeds shall be shared equally amongst the Citizens of all Universal Peoplerisen Constitution Nations. Any mining or agricultural operation in the ocean shall strictly conform to ecological & environmental standards which do not in any way damage or put at reasonable risk life & the ecology of the oceans, while conforming to all the other terms of the lease of Natural Resources. Prosecution of polluters shall follow the due process prescribed herein & may be instituted reasonably by any Citizen or Association of Citizens.

Article. Section.:11.6 Earth

As a beautiful planet the earth must be protected. This Universal Peoplerisen Constitution is established to protect & properly manage planet Earth. When a majority of people on Earth have signed & adopted this Constitution, it shall be declared the law of planet Earth.

Those responsible for causing significant pollution on Earth shall be held criminally liable for the damage & responsible for cleanup or the costs thereof in addition to putative damages.

Article. Section.:11.7 Space

Access to space shall not be prohibited. Any activity in space that produces significant pollution shall be prohibited. Cost of cleanup shall be born by the polluter, in addition to putative damages.

Article. Section.:11.8 The Badlands

Forcing criminals together in jails & prisons is ineffective in correcting criminal behavior, & should be avoided. Punishment for crime should focus on restitution & punitive penalties that correct bad behavior. The reason a person committed a crime must always be considered when metering out punishment, with the goal of removing, or finding a remedy, for the reasons & causes of the crime.

Where a criminal is a serious threat to a society, the jury finding the person guilty may send the criminal to the Badlands for a suitable sentence; Alternatively, where the family or community where a person was raised is largely responsible for a criminals behavior, the jury may make the criminal the responsibility of that local Board of Directors, who by a two thirds majority vote, may also send the criminal to their local Badlands for a suitable sentence.

When sent to the Badlands, the criminal shall be excluded from Travel rights outside of the Badland region they are confined to.

The purpose of the Badlands is to provide a remote location no one else wants, where criminals are forced to come to terms with themselves & nature, to learn respect, humility, care, & above all love.

The Badlands should humiliate bad behavior & not create humiliation; the purpose is to break down what is bad, & build up what is good, with dignity & respect.

The propensity of humans to become abusive when given strict authority over other people, must be carefully considered when setting up & managing the Badlands. Criminals shall not be allowed any weapons in the Badlands. No animal may be killed or eaten in the Badlands. Criminals sent to the Badlands shall not be eligible to vote on any matter outside the Badlands. Respecting security, with the Provincial, National or Local Board of Directors approval, any person may enter & leave the Badlands according to the Board of Directors specific instructions & limitations, & no independent reporters or investigators shall be prohibited from investigating & reporting on the efficiency or inefficiency or problems in Badlands.

The following types of crimes, where the intent is irrefutable, the act atrocious, & the damage devastating, apply to the Badlands: Making War; Genocide; Murder; Kidnap; Rape; Violent Assault; Human & Animal Sacrifice; Extreme excess-of jurisdiction by judges & prosecutors; Committing serous crimes under the color of law by politicians, police, prosecutors, judges & lawyers; Drug pushers who enslave & destroy the lives of others; Bankers who use fiat-money to steal & destroy people's lives; Politicians, judges & lawyers who participated in allowing banking fraud; The prosecution of non-crime as crime; Politicians, public-servants, secret-society or gang members, who instigate war or genocide.

With the guidance of Badlands Advisory Boards, the Provincial & National Board of Directors shall be responsible for governing any Badlands in their regions. The Badlands shall be desolate locations that are appropriately enclosed or fenced where necessary & the guilty criminal shall be assigned a location within the Badlands. Sufficient water to survive & grow vegetables must be reasonably available or made available to those confined to the Badlands. Luxuries shall be prohibited in the Badlands. The cost of setting up the Badlands shall be born by the guilty party, which may also come from their share of the Peoplerisen General-Fund. If the criminal cannot afford to pay for their cost of the Badlands, the cost shall be covered by donations or by the County & Province who expelled the criminal to the Badlands.

ARTICLE 12. Leasing Peoples Resources
& Recognition of Private Assets

Aside from Citizens Homesteads & persons or Association Assets, the Natural Resources on the planet, shall belong equally to the Citizens, including the mineral resources, land, rights-of-way, public buildings, public utilities, agricultural resources, water, radio spectrum etc.

The natural resources have always belonged to the people. Simply because a former government who was controlled by a criminal cartel & greed, authorized the theft of the peoples assets, does not justify the theft.

The theft of the peoples assets shall be recovered to the people equally & equitably for the current & future generations. Any major natural resource on, above or below a Homestead, shall also belong equally to the people. No living being with a beating heart shall be listed as or considered a Natural Resource. Over the course of a lease (except for the extracted resources fairly & properly removed under the terms of a Natural Resource Extraction Lease), it is the duty of a Lessee to ensure that the land they lease is in the same or in better condition as it was when they first leased it. Polluting of the land, water & air shall be strictly prohibited & enforced by the various Boards of Directors & the people. The lease of, & the restitution of former owners for resources & assets transferred to the public through the transition to this Constitution, including the mining, farming & utilization of Public-Resources & Assets, shall be fairly & equitably governed by the National, Provincial & County Boards of Directors & the people according to the following terms:

Article. Section.:12.1 Classification Of Public-Resources & Assets

Public-Resources shall be valued according to their equivalence in grams or kilograms of gold (gG or kgG):

By a majority vote of the people in a Nation, or by a unanimous consecutive five-month (5) vote of the Universal & National Board of Directors, the value range of these classifications may be modified.

Article. Section.:12.2 Public-Resource Teams

Each Board of Directors shall establish Public-Resource Teams to competently & fairly establish the value of resources & assets in their region, & ensure fair & reasonable Lease terms on the Resources so as to provide maximum return to the people, while meeting sensible ecological & environmental goals. Each Public-Resource Team setup by the Boards of Directors shall consist of the following number of Directors responsible for the Public-Resource & complemented with a sufficient number of competent Citizens with expertise in the type of asset or resource:

Independent Public Resource Teams may also be setup by the people, independent of any Board of Directors, to evaluate Public-Resources in any region. Where an independent Public Resource Team is setup by the people, their findings shall be clearly & fully published on the related official website/s along with the findings of any Public Resource Team set up by a Board of Directors for the same or effectively the same resource.

If a resource crosses County, Province or National regions, three Directors from each of the Boards regions shall be put on the Resource Team. Professionals serving their Citizens-Service on Resource Teams may be drafted from neighboring Counties, Provinces & Nations to ensure the integrity & fairness of the evaluation & establishment of Lease terms.

In all instances, the members of Boards of Directors approving a Lease Proposal may have no personal interest in, nor receive any direct return whatsoever from the Lease except for the equal Revenue-Share all Citizens receive. All information, rational & decisions, relating to the Resource Teams evaluation & the Boards approval of a Lease, along with the names of all people on the team, shall be public & published on the relevant Board of Directors website/s. The Resource Teams shall be responsible for the following functions:

Where it becomes completely necessary to maintain a Citizen expert or Director on a Resource Team beyond their annual thirty two days Citizen-Service, with a majority of the applicable Board of Directors ongoing approval, reasonable compensation of the expert may be derived from the lease of the resource, however, in no instance should all of said compensation combined exceed one quarter of the public returns from the lease.

Article. Section.:12.3 Open Market On Public-Resources

Revenue from the Lease of Public-Resources shall be distributed equitably to all Citizens through the Peoplerisen General-Fund pursuant to the terms in this Constitution, except for the revenue applied directly to the maintenance of said Public-Resource.

The Public-Resource Lease process must be completely open, allowing the people to follow & observe all the details of leases, & allowing anyone who can provide a twenty percent or greater improvement in return to the people, to replace any existing lease, except where a lease is given as restitution for private property turned over to the public at the institution of the Constitution, which may have a maximum term of up to one hundred (100) years.

The People & Boards of Directors may solicit Lease Proposals for Public-Resources in their regions. Standard terms & guidelines for Lease Proposals may be established by the Universal, National, Provincial & County Boards of Directors & implemented & managed by the Boards & the People. Standard forms for submitting Lease Proposals shall be provided on the Citizen-Services System.

Article. Section.:12.4 Lease Proposals

Any Citizen, or Association may propose or bid on the Lease of Public-Resources. All proposals, bids & Lease awards of Public-Resources shall be published on the related National, Provincial or County websites categorized by resource type & value. All bids & proposals shall also list the details of the parties making the proposal or bid & the Directors approving the bid. Minor Resources shall be published on the County website, Medium Resources on the Provincial website & Major & Universal Level Resources shall be published on the National & Universal websites. Lease Proposals made by Citizens or Associations shall be publicly listed on the relevant website/s for four years or until the proposer withdraws the Proposal. The details & terms of Approved Leases shall be publicly listed on the relevant Board of Directors websites. Leases of Public-Resources may only be awarded to persons or Associations who will be utilizing the resource & not to brokers or resellers.

Leases of Public-Resources may not be resold, they may only be replaced with a new Lease Proposal.

Article. Section.:12.5 Replacement Lease Proposal

When a genuine & verifiable Proposal is made by another party on an existing Lease that increases the overall returns of the people by at least twenty percent (20%), the new proposal shall be approved by the Regions Board of Directors or people & replace the existing Lease. If the existing Lease Holder makes a counter proposal matching the new Replacement Lease Proposal, the existing Lease Holder will retain the Lease under the new terms. The twenty percent (20%) improvement should weigh up all factors of the lease including & quantifying factors such as maintaining or increasing jobs, improved environmental protection, lower-cost access to raw materials for the people etc. The former Lease Holder must be given a reasonable length of time to make a counter proposal & also to vacate the property, generally ninety (90) days & in proportion to the size of the Public-Resource. Replacement Lease Proposals must fairly meet any Restitution Clause requirements for any private assets remaining on the land that are transferred with the Lease. The term “genuine & verifiable Proposal” herein implies a proposal that comes from a party who is capable of meeting the terms of their Proposal.

Article. Section.:12.6 Lease Proposal Approval

In approving a Lease Proposal, the total benefit of a Lease should be considered, including for example, job creation, low-cost raw materials, environment restoration, etc. Preference in awarding Leases should be given to those who are already effectively utilizing the property, & to those who can assure competence, such as qualified individuals, established businesses & productive farmers, while optimizing the citizens returns & ensuring the protection of the national heritage, economy & environment.

The voting for approval or disapproval of a Lease Proposal shall be publicly listed showing which Directors & Citizens cast or removed their vote. If more Citizens vote against a Lease Proposal than for it, the Lease Proposal shall be denied. Where more than a quarter of the Citizens from Public-Resource's Classified Size's region vote against a Lease Proposal, approval for the Lease must then come from a majority of the People in the region & not by any Board of Directors.

A consecutive two-month majority vote of a County Board of Directors or a quarter or more of the Citizens in a County may approve a Lease for any Minor Public-Resource in their County, except where more Citizens vote to oppose verses approve the Lease.

A consecutive three-month majority vote of a Provincial Board of Directors or a quarter or more of the Citizens in that Province may approve a Lease for any Medium Public-Resource in their Province, except where more Citizens vote to oppose verses approve the Lease.

A consecutive four-month majority vote of a National Board of Directors or a quarter or more of the Citizens in the Nation may approve a Lease for any Major Public-Resource in their Nation, except where more Citizens vote to oppose verses approve the Lease.

A consecutive six-month majority vote of the Universal Board of Directors or a quarter or more of Peoplerisen Citizens may approve a Lease for any Universal Public-Resource, except where more Citizens vote to oppose verses approve the Lease.

After considering how genuine & verifiable a Proposal is, where equivalent Proposals are made for a Resource, preference shall firstly go to Citizens with Homesteads in the County & Associations with a majority of Citizen owners with Homesteads in the County, followed by Citizens & Associations from the Province, followed by Citizens & Associations from the Nation, followed by Citizens & Associations from other Universal Peoplerisen Constitution Nations. Preference for Agricultural Resource Leases shall go to Citizens with agricultural experience & Homesteads on or adjacent to the agricultural Resource & any existing & effective agricultural utilization.

Article. Section.:12.7 Extractable Resources

All Extractable Natural Resources such as minerals, water, forests, wireless spectrum, shall belong to the People. Any Citizen or Association who wishes to extract Natural Resources must make an Extraction Lease Proposal to the respective Board of Directors & People of the region. If they wish to take over an existing Lease they must make a Replacement Extraction Release Proposal.

The Lease terms for extracting natural resources shall be negotiated & approved by the Board of Directors or People of the region under the guidance of the Public-Resource Teams. Lease terms for extracted Resources must specify suitable environmental protections, & that all extracted resources may only be sold on the Citizens-Services Trading & Banking System. Public-Resource Teams from a region must be given reasonable access to audit the extraction of Resource/s. Both the Resource Team & the party extracting the Resource/s shall independently report on the relative regions Board website at the end of each month the amount of the Resource/s extracted. The Lease Terms may either specify a percentage of profits from the sale of the extracted Resource, or a percentage of the sales price of the extracted Resource, be paid into the People's General-Fund. Leases which optimize the return to the people, must be favored.

Any person or Association who Leases land or has a Homestead on land with a significant extractable Natural Resource/s, may not unreasonably restrict the establishment & implementation of an Extraction Lease Agreement to extract the natural resource/s. Where the extraction of resources interferes with an existing land Lease or Homestead, the Citizen or Association owning the Homesteaded or leasing the land, must be fairly compensated for any remaining Free-Hold Lease and/or Homestead value, & for any immoveable assets they own on the land based on a fair Public-Resource Team assessment & implemented through a Replacement Lease Proposal in conformance with the “Regions & Boundaries of Universal Earth, Citizens Homestead” clause or Replacement Lease clause.

Citizens & Association who lawfully & fairly owned a mine during the transition to this Constitution must be given every opportunity to maintain a Free-Hold Lease on the land & establish a fair Extraction Lease Agreement to continue mining the Resource. Any Citizen or Association who makes a Replacement Extraction Lease Proposal on a property with a Free-Hold Lease on the land, needs to pay the Free-Hold Lease holder a fair market value for the value of the remaining Free-Hold Lease on the land value alone, excluding any mineral or extractable resource value. Public-Resource Teams shall fairly determine the residual value of any Free-Hold Lease on the land, in addition to determining the Replacement Extraction Lease Agreement terms which must be approved pursuant to the terms of this Article.

Article. Section.:12.8 Assets & Resource Registry & Audits

All Minor Public-Resources in a County shall be registered, classified & published on the County websites along with all Approved Leases & Lease Proposals on the Resources. The County websites shall also list & link to the Medium & Major Public-Resources in the County listed on the Provincial & National websites.

All Medium Public-Resources in a Province shall be registered, classified & published on the Provincial websites along with all Approved Leases & Lease Proposals on the Resource. The Provincial websites shall also list & link to the Major Public-Resources in the Province listed on the National website.

All Major Public-Resources in a Nation shall be be registered, classified & published on the National websites along with all Approved Leases & Lease Proposals on the Resource.

All privately owned assets on Public Property shall be registered on the County websites. Registration shall take the form of a classification, description, photograph/s, date established & cost including clearly defined ownership of the asset. These assets must also be linked to the Public-Resource & or Lease Agreement which they are associated with.

Public-Resource Teams established by the County, Provincial & National Boards of Directors or the people, shall carry out ongoing audits of the Resources & Assets in their regions. The audits shall be conducted at suitable intervals or when a New or Replacement Lease Proposal needs to be considered. Details of the audits shall be published on the website where the Resource is listed. For Audits evaluating the value of Public-Resources & for evaluating the value of private registered immoveable assets affected by a Replacement Lease Proposal, Public-Resource Teams shall not be denied reasonable access to the Public-Resource & associated Asset/s.

Article. Section.:12.9 Failure to Make Lease Payments

Lease payments should be due on or before the first day of a lease period. Where a person or Association fails to make a lease payment, they must be noticed via email by a Board of Directors, or a Resource Team or the Citizen-Services System. If the Lease Holder fails to make the payment within thirty (30) days a certified email should be sent to the Lease Holder or a writen Notice placed on the primary entrance of the property or in the mailbox of the property. If the Lease Holder fails to make the payment within sixty (60) days, after a second certified email notice & a written Notice/s must be posted prominently on the property, said Notices may not be removed until the Lease is paid in full. If the Lease Holder fails to make a payment within ninety (90) days they may be evicted from the property. Following an eviction, any lease payments the Lease Holder failed to make while occupying the property, shall still be due. Where a Citizen or Association is experiencing an unusual hardship, they may appeal to a majority of the relative Board of Directors for additional time to make payments, they may also renegotiate lease terms. The Board/s of Directors where the Public-Resource is registered shall be responsible for enforcing evictions & delivering the email & written notices with primary assistance from the local County Board of Directors.

Article. Section.:12.10 Restitution

Wars & corrupt government, along with fraudulent fiat-money & fractional-reserve banking, has resulted in extreme & unfair ownership of the land, resources & businesses. This Constitution seeks to fairly turn all ill-gotten-gain over to the people, for equal & equitable benefit, giving fair restitution where it is due. The transition to this New Constitution should not needlessly disrupt existing businesses, services & farms that are contributing to society.

The fraudulent fiat-money & fractional-reserve banking systems having robed the people of their assets over the last century, must be reset, & the people paid back restitution from the parties that exploited fraud. All profits from war, theft & or fraudulent banking practices, shall be assumed back to the people.

Any & all reasonable personal banking debt incurred before Peoplerisen is implemented in a region, should be forgiven & recorded against the individual Citizen's benefit, as restitution paid out. Where the amount of debt owed to banks is unreasonable, the unreasonably large proportion of property the debt was incurred against, should be transfered to the people as a resource. As recovered assets stolen by fraud are recovered, these assets shall be equally & fairly distributed to back to the people.

Public-Resource Teams shall calculate any restitution value for resources turned over to Public-Property or transferred with a Replacement Lease or forgiven in banking debt, all records of such shall be made public on the relative County, Provincial & National websites.

Property owners shall not be refused the right to establish their Homestead on property they lawfully & fairly owned during the transition to this Constitution. Where on the transition to this Constitution a Citizen or Association lawfully & fairly owned a property larger than their Homestead maximum, they shall be granted a one hundred (100) year Free-Hold Lease on the land, excluding any Bank loan on the property. Where a bank loan is held against a property, the percentage of the value of the loan verses the value of the property shall be deducted proportionately from the one hundred year Free-Hold Lease. The value of any Homesteaded portion of the property shall be excluded. For example, excluding the value of the Homesteaded portion of the property, if sixty percent (60%) of the non-Homesteaded property value is in the form of a bank loan, the Citizen owner shall receive a forty (40) year Free-Hold Lease on the remainder of the property. Any outstanding debt on the Homesteaded portion of the property shall conform to the “Citizens Free Banking, Voting, Trading, University & Courts” (Citizen-Services) Article & “Equitable Elimination of Debt” Clause. A Free-Hold Lease shall require no monthly lease payments or tax, & the remaining Free-Hold Lease may be sold or sub-leased by the Lease Holder. When a Free-Hold Lease expires, an approved Lease Proposal with lease payments to the people shall be required on the property.

Where a Citizen or Association has invested a significant amount in immovable assets on public land, their Lease costs must not be prohibitive, & the award of a Replacement Lease Proposal, needs to reasonably & fairly compensate them for the immovable asset value of the transferred assets. The owner of the assets may also lease their assets as part of the lease agreement to the new Lease Holder.

Properties belonging to religious institutions or institutions who benefited from tax free contributions, that have effectively been funded by the general populous, shall be turned over to the people & utilized for the community & those who contributed to their construction. The People & County Boards of Directors shall ultimately be responsible for fair allocation & use of these public facilities, which may, based on the County Board of Directors or People's decision, continue to be utilized free of any lease costs.

To receive restitution, owners must provide proof to the Public-Resource Teams as to how they obtained the property & the funds they used to purchase the property, all of which shall be made public on the relative County, Province and/or Nation's websites by the Public-Resource Team. Restitution must be just & equitable, reflecting an equitable balance between the public interest & the interests of those affected, having regard to all relevant circumstances, including: the current use of the property; the history of the acquisition & use of the property; the market value of the property; the relative value of fiat-money used to purchase the property; the value of the improvements on the property; discounted against any loans made with fractional-reserve fiat-money or inflated foreign currency.

There shall be no Restitution for property obtained through unfair transfer or acquisition, especially taking into account the use of fraudulent fiat-money, imbalanced foreign exchange, fractional-reserve banking, or property gained through wars, & through corrupt & unfair government transfers, save that proportion of the transaction, if any, which was fair & just. All restitution for investments made with lawfully acquired foreign funds, will be calculated back to the exchange rate that existed before the currencies were detached from asset-backed gold or silver standards, also taking into consideration political imbalances. The Restitution Advisory Board shall provide Public-Resource teams guidelines & provide software to calculate the value of fiat-money against grams of gold at the time of a financial transfer.

Article. Section.:12.11 Restitution for Mines & Extracted Resources

The natural resources of the planet belong equally to all beings on the planet, both current & future generations. All natural resources save the Homesteads of the people, shall be turned over to the people. Where mines have been owned in the past by unfair grants issued by corrupt governments or purchased with money made by banking fraud or money stolen through wars or criminal racketeering, or in disregard to sharing the mineral wealth with the people, the mineral assets & or profits made from the sale of these assets that always belonged to the people, shall be recovered & restored to the people & all beings on this planet, to both current & future generations, taking into account fair & generous pay & rewards to those who actually worked the mining operations or discovered & developed the resource.

Article. Section.:12.12 Public Utilities

Communities are responsible, as they always have been, for establishing & implementing Utilities. Utility guidelines & the promotion of advanced free-energy technologies shall be promoted at the National level by the Energy Advisory Board through a fund Citizens, Associations & Residents may voluntarily contribute to. With oversight from the Energy Advisory Board, public owned, & the public portion of pseudo-public owned facilities & utilities, such as sewage, waste, electricity, communications entities, shall be turned over to the people & managed by the County Board of Directors & the Citizens of the County where they are based. Citizens may decide to either establish Community owned Associations to manage & charge for services provided by the Utility companies & facilities, or provide these services free to the people, or to lease out Public Facilities to independent Associations to provide services to the community for a fee.

Article. Section.:12.13 Airports, Harbors, Roads & Rights-of-way

The Transport Board of Directors with whatever necessary reasonable cooperation from the Universal, International, National, Provincial & County Boards of Directors, may establish funds people my voluntarily contribute to, for the building & maintenance of existing & new airports, harbors, roads & rights-of-way across the Nation; and/or funds from reasonable use fees, may be utilized for this purpose. Profitable Associations & wealthy Citizens who use the airports, harbors, roads or rights-of-way should contribute to these funds. Reasonable, non-obtrusively advertising may be used to raise the necessary funds. Any person causing significant damage or significant ware to an airport, harbor, road, right-of-way or public property, should be liable to pay for the ware or damage. Citizens & Residents may volunteer their time or be appointed by the Boards to manage & maintain airports, harbors, roads & rights-of-way as part of their Citizen & Resident Citizen-Service. No roadblocks, tolls or any form that restricts travel may be setup at an airport, harbor or on a road or right-of-way, except that at points of entry to the Nation, people & goods may be reasonably & quickly checked for conformance with the Border Management Article of this Constitution; Where life & limb are seriously endangered by not reasonably setting up a roadblock, with a unanimous vote, Boards of Directors may authorize a limited & properly managed roadblock.

Article. Section.:12.14 Careful Consideration Of Pollution

In the approval of a Lease of a Public-Resource, or the removal of the approval, & in any action or production, careful consideration in regard to the cost of cleanup from pollution, must be taken into account by the Resource Teams, Boards of Directors & People. In all cases where any person or Association causes pollution, the cleanup costs must be born by the polluter. Pollution of the earth shall be strictly prohibited. Recycling of materials must in all instances, be promoted & where possible, enforced by the people & Boards of Directors.

Article. Section.:12.15 Peoples-Parks

The majority of Citizens or the Board of Directors in a region may with a majority vote declare an area of pristine beauty, or high common recreational or public functional use, a Peoples-Park. The designation shall bare the title County, Provincial or National “Peoples-Park”. With the oversight of the Peoples-Parks Advisory Board, the Board of Directors & people from the County, Province or Nation that establishes the Peoples-Park, shall be responsible for governing & maintaining the park. Land declared as a Peoples-Park should wherever possible, be open & freely accessible to Citizens at all times, respecting the conservation & protection of the Park. Where there is an excessive demand for the use of a Peoples-Park, or where excessive use threatens the natural beauty & ecology of the Peoples-Park, access may be governed according to terms setup & approved by a majority of the Peoples-Parks Advisory Board & the Board of Directors in the region, giving preference to local Citizens use of the Peoples-Park. As for any Public-Resource, reasonable lease terms for use, may be established in the form of a usage fee. Access to Peoples-Parks may not be exclusive & may not exclude the general populous. Where a reservation system is required, Citizen-Services may provide standard on-line reservation systems for managing access to Peoples-Parks overseen by the Peoples-Parks Advisory Board.

Citizens enjoying a Peoples-Park have a duty to preserve the park & leave it in the same or better condition it was in when they arrived. It is a criminal act to cause any significant damage to a Peoples-Park. Citizens who observe anyone carrying out activities that are significantly damaging the Peoples-Park should record the criminal acts & may, to prevent further damage & or to avoid negligence liability, detain the criminal pursuant to the Due-Process Terms of this Constitution. Other than those with the express function of taking care of & managing the Park, no person should stay more than thirty (30) consecutive days in a Peoples-Park, & no more than one hundred & twenty (120) days per year.

Where significant valuable Extractable Resources are located in a pristine Peoples-Park, the return on public revenue from extracting the resources must be carefully weighed against ongoing enjoyment of future generations. Any Extraction Lease Agreement must ensure maximum ecological protection & the restoration of the Peoples-Park to its original pristine state.

Article. Section.:12.16 Public Health & Hospitals

Government run health-care institutions have a track record of inefficiency & abusive health-care. Competent medical professionals and/or medical Associations should be encouraged to lease at reasonable rates any existing public hospital infrastructure for establishing medical practices. With the oversight of the Medical Advisory Board, Boards of Directors, with the voluntary agreement & funding from people in their region, the people may also establish community based & funded Medical Associations to assume the role of managing & funding existing or new community hospitals.

With oversight from the Medical Advisory Board, the County and/or Provincial Boards of Directors may appoint local Medical Administrative Committees to manage the allocation & scheduling of any free treatment of needy people in their region, all of which services shall be publicly published & recorded. The cost of medication, materials or service in the provision of any medical treatment given by a medical professional as part of Citizen-Service, shall be reasonable. To establish incentive for health verses medical treatment, County Boards of Directors may set up medical insurance funds for people in their region to subscribe to, where selected medical professionals are paid to keep the people healthy, & where treatment of subscribers for any ailments that are not accidents or self-induced, is covered at the medical professionals expense.

Article. Section.:12.17 Educational Facilities

Government run educational institutions have a track record of poor quality & restrictive education. The typical State School's hypnotic & parrot like repetition in education, eliminates innovation, intelligent thought, & creates slave-like drones, who can become a limitation or threat to civilized society.

Pursuant to the direction of the various Advisory Boards, Citizen-Services shall provide free digital education content & facilities for the people to educate themselves. Pursuant to the “Peoplerisen General-Fund & Revenue-Share” Article, Citizens aged eighteen (18) & under receive Revenue-Share each month for education & care, allowing the parents & children their own choice in education.

In cooperation with the Educational Advisory Board, County Boards of Directors should appoint a local Education Advisory Committee/s to manage the allocation & scheduling of educational professionals Community-Service & to allow children & adults to receiving excellent education in their County.

Educational professionals or Associations should be encouraged to lease at no cost or reasonable rates public owned educational infrastructure for establishing effective free or low cost education in the regions. The people & or County Boards of Directors, with voluntary agreement & funding from their community, may also establish community based & funded Associations to assume the role of managing existing or new community educational facilities. With the oversight of the Educational Board of Directors, educators & educational Associations approved by a majority of either the County, Provincial, National or International Board of Directors or people in their regions, who provide education, shall not be required pay any lease on the property they utilize for the sole purpose of education.

Article. Section.:12.18 Spectrum & Communications

The airwaves/spectrum belongs to the people. When this Constitution is established as the law of a region, the rights to all wireless spectrum shall revert back to the people in that region. The open use of spectrum shall be promoted & always take preference over private network use of spectrum. Digital technology has made the implementation of free public wireless networks feasible. Interconnecting public wireless networks shall be a National, Provincial & County priority focused on free Internet access. Subordinate to any vote of the people, the Communications Advisory Board along with the County, Provincial, National & International Boards shall manage & allocate wireless spectrum as a Public-Resource in the interest of the people & open communication. All wireless communications must carefully consider biological impacts & minimize or eliminate any potential damages. The Boards may assist in setting up & assist in managing open access wireless & wired networks across the Nation. The Board shall also interface & cooperate with the International Telecommunications Unions for international terrestrial, oceanic & satellite communications.

The Communications Advisory Board shall provide public guidelines on the use of wireless spectrum & interconnecting wireless public networks to terrestrial networks & work to phase out any private wireless networks in favor of open spectrum utilization. An open study regarding any harmful effects of wireless communications on people & the environment, shall be established by the Communications Advisory Board for the purpose of guiding the effective non-obtrusive use of wireless communications technology.

Any private Lease of wireless spectrum shall be subject to the Lease & Replacement Leases clauses of this Constitution. Any Association or person opening their private network to public traffic shall be entitled to reasonable compensation, determined & governed by the Communications Advisory Board of Directors to be paid from voluntary regional funds established for that purpose.

Using private or public networks to hack computers, spread viruses, snoop private information or any adverse activity that threatens open, free & non-obtrusive private communication by the people, shall be a serious criminal offense; any person committing any of these offenses may be prosecuted by any affected Citizen or the Communications Board of Directors for criminal offenses & be held liable for three times the damage they caused, except where it can be proved without any reasonable doubt, that such actions were genuinely carried out in the interests of the people to protect universal integrity & peace.

ARTICLE 13. Citizens Free Banking, Voting, Trading,
Education & Courts (Citizen-Services)

A Citizens Free Banking, Voting, Trading, Education Trading, Education & Court System, collectively called “Citizen-Services”, shall be established as peoples not-for-profit Associations to deliver the various Citizen-Services in the various regions. Citizen-Services shall provide a universal asset-backed digital currency & banking system with a Peoplerisen General-Fund into which & from which the peoples Revenue-Share is paid; trading systems & services; lease proposal registration, approval & collection systems; homestead & asset registration systems; voting systems; websites for the Counties, Provinces & Nation & the Boards of Directors; digital court systems; digital libraries; & digital education systems.

Under the oversight of the Citizen-Services Advisory Board & the Universal, International & National Boards of Directors, Citizen-Services shall be responsible for fairly & equitably distributing Citizens Revenue-Share benefits. Said benefits shall be derived from the lease of Public-Resources & the sale of natural resources in addition to distribution of any restitution or recovered assets & other income to the people. All Peoplerisen General-Fund transactions shall be immediately publicly viewable on all related relevant public websites. Citizen-Services shall not charge Citizens or Associations owned by Citizens any fees or interest for use of the system & the currency, & shall provide the following services & infrastructure:

Article. Section.:13.1 Peoplerisen General-Fund & Revenue-Share

Citizen-Services shall establish a Peoplerisen General-Fund into which revenue for the people shall be paid, including revenue from Leases on Public-Resources, extracted Natural Resources, Penalties, Fines & all income generated in the name of the people. Under the oversight & direction of the National, International & Universal Boards of Directors, each month Citizen-Services shall distribute revenue paid into said Peoplerisen General-Fund equitably to each eligible Citizen & their children. Only Citizens actively serving in a recognized Universal Peoplerisen region & those lawfully exempt from service by a Board of Directors, shall be eligible to receive a share of the Peoplerisen General-Fund Revenue-Share distribution.

The equitable amount of Revenue-Share Citizens receive in any particular region shall be adjusted according to fair Cost-Of-Living Ratios to be established by the International & National Citizen-Services Advisory Boards of Directors in cooperation with the International Restitution Advisory Board of Directors with input & monitoring by all the Regional Boards of Directors. Said Cost-Of-Living Ratio shall not exceed more than a ten to one ratio between the various Regions. A Citizens Cost-Of-Living Ratio of Revenue-Share shall be calculated based on the amount of time they reside in specific Regions.

The Peoplerisen General-Fund share for eligible Citizens children under the age of eighteen (18) shall be utilized for the care & education of the child. With oversight from the local Board of Directors, in the child's first nine (9) years the parents of the child shall be responsible for allocating their child's funds to pay for and/or save up for the education & care of the child; In the child's tenth (10th) year the child may decide how to distribute five (5%) percent of their annual funds to their own care & education while their parents manage the balance & any accumulated savings & in the child’s ongoing years the child shall manage: in their eleventh (11th) year, ten percent of their annual funds (10%); their twelfth (12th) year, fifteen percent (15%) of their annual funds; their thirteenth (13th) year, twenty percent (20%); their fourteenth (14th) year, twenty five percent (25%); their fifteenth (15th) year, thirty percent (30%); their sixteenth (16th) year, forty percent (40%); their seventeenth (17th) year, fifty percent (50%); their eighteenth (18th) year, sixty percent (60%). At any time in their eighteenth (18th) year, children may also ratify this Constitution & receive their full distribution as an adult Citizen & manage any savings accumulated in their name. If they have not ratified this Constitution by their 19th year, they shall cease to receive benefits as a Citizen until they sign & Affirm the Universal Peoplerisen Constitution.

All distributions of funds to children shall be used only for education & direct care of the child & shall be viewable & monitored by the local County Board of Directors, parents & or assigned guardians of the child. Where the County Board of Directors irrefutably determines that a parent is blatantly misappropriating a child's Revenue-Share funds, by a majority vote of the Directors on the Board, pursuant to the due-process in this Constitution, the issue shall be brought through an administrative hearing, mediation & trial by jury if necessary, to determine a resolution or appointment of a responsible guardian by the Jury, who shall be liable for their actions. At the County level, a majority of the people or a majority of the County Board of Directors may vote to change the age / percentage control of distribution of funds to Citizens children.

The County Board of Directors shall also be responsible for ensuring that Citizens in their region are not taken advantage of by the unscrupulous, & shall appoint counselors to advise & educate the needy in their region; The County Board of Directors or any Citizen shall prosecute any unscrupulous person/s for any racketeering or crimes in their County against children, the elderly or those suffering a serious handicap.

Article. Section.:13.2 Establishing & Maintaining Citizen-Services

The use of Citizen-Services must be free for Citizens & may be established region by region. Common Citizen-Services systems shall be established for use by all Peoplerisen regions & improvements in any region shall be freely shared with other regions. Once operational, with the oversight of the Citizen-Services Advisory Board, management of Citizen-Services shall be the joint responsibility of the Universal, International & National Board of Directors & the people, all of whose operations shall be open & public. Citizen-Services shall be established to be self regulating, with multiple levels of redundancy for security & reliability, with transaction transparency to ensure integrity, along with open public auditing of the system & transactions. All transactions on Citizen-Services shall be publicly viewable pursuant to the terms of this Constitution.

Following the establishment & general availability of Citizen-Services Banking in a region, fiat-money & fractional-reserve banking shall be illegal in that region. Any person or organization that implemented or supports fiat-currency & or fractional-reserve banking in any Peoplerisen region, shall be prosecuted for fraud & their assets gained through said fraud, shall be seized & handed over to Citizen-Services by a Jury following the due-process under this Constitution; Assets illegally gained through war, fraud or criminal racketeering who’s lawful ownership cannot be determined, shall be handed to Citizen-Services; All these seized funds, accounts & assets handed over to Citizen-Services, shall be public & utilized for funding the implementation & deployment of Citizen-Services. Assets in excess of Citizen-Services needs for reasonably implementing Citizen-Services, shall be contributed equally to the people for restitution pursuant to the Restitution clause of this Constitution. Where insufficient funds are available for providing acceptable Citizen-Services to a community, Citizen-Services may increase reserves of the Bank by no more than ten percent (10%) of the total annual Peoplerisen General-Fund revenue in the first ten (10) years of operation in a region & no less than two & a half percent (2.5%) the revenue of a region after that for funding services.

The proper implementation & use of the Citizen-Services shall be the responsibility of the Universal, International, National, Provincial & County Boards of Directors, Citizens, Residents & Associations. Citizen-Services shall ensure that neither the currency nor any assets of Citizen-Services Banking or those assets traded on Citizen-Services, are utilized in any way for making war. Citizen-Services services shall be provided in international English & where practical, other suitable languages.

Article. Section.:13.3 Equitable Elimination of Debt

Conforming to the “Leasing Peoples Resources & Recognition of Private Assets” Article & the “Restitution” Clause of this Constitution, where a person owes money to a bank that is assumed by the Citizen-Services Bank, their debt shall be forgiven & recorded as paid out restitution, to be deducted from any future restitution payments. Where the Citizen-Services Bank & a Board of Directors clearly determines that the amount of debt forgiven any individual or Association on transition to this Constitution, or where any future debt of an individual or Association, is far in excess of any expected future restitution payments, pursuant to the Restitution Clause & due-process under this Constitution, the asset/s shall be turned over to the public as a Public-Resource, to be sold or leased with proceeds going to the Peoplerisen General-Fund. The relevant Board of Director & Public-Resource Team’s shall provide guidance herein. In extenuating circumstances, with a majority vote from the relevant Board of Directors or People, the Citizen-Services Bank shall have the authority to forgive debt. The Citizen-Services Bank shall treat all people with dignity & respect. No interest may ever be charged on financial debt.

Article. Section.:13.4 Geographic Balance & Incentives for Highly Sensitive Regions

In limited instances, it is in the People’s interest & advantage to encourage people to establish & take care of certain geographic regions, or to encourage people to leave certain sensitive natural resource regions that are being over burdened by too many people on the land. In said instances, the proportion of Citizens Revenue-Share in said limited geographic regions where the presence of people has a significant detrimental impact, or where the presence of people will have a significant beneficial impact, distribution of the Citizens Revenue-Share to people in said limited geographic regions, may be reasonably increased or decreased for a limited time, however not by less than eighty percent or more than four times the equitable Revenue-Share for their region. Said variance in Citizen Revenue-Share in a specific geographic region, must be approved by a majority of all the County, Provincial, National & International Boards of Directors responsible for the region, or by a majority of all the people in an affected Nation.

The allocation of new Homesteads in said geographically sensitive regions, may also be similarly influenced. Where too many existing Homesteads are exceptionally detrimental to a specific sensitive geographic region, Citizens in said regions should be offered equivalent or superior Homesteads in other regions to encourage them to reallocate their existing Homestead for Public use.

ARTICLE 14. Border Management

There shall be no border posts inhibiting Peoplerisen Citizens between Peoplerisen regions.

Article. Section.:14.1 Visitors: Tourists, Students & Business

All visitors, including tourists, business visitors & students, shall be welcome so long as they respect & do not violate any of the laws of this Constitution. To gain entry & travel through any Peoplerisen Nation, visitors must be invited & sponsored by a respectable local Peoplerisen Citizen who knows them sufficiently to personally accept responsibility & liability for ensuring the visitor does not abuse the Nations goodwill, obeys the law & moves on back to their country of origin after a reasonable visit. Other than registered students on the campus of legitimate educational institutions, visitors shall not stay in one location for more than three (3) months, or in a County for more than a year, without either a majority of the local County Board of Directors permission & approval to be a Resident in the area, or with a written invitation by one hundred local Citizens.

A Citizen who sponsors a visitor who does not obey the law or respect this Constitution, with the assistance of the Tourism Board, Security Advisory & any local Boards, shall be responsible for evicting the visitor from the Nation. If negligent, the sponsor of a visitor, may be held liable for damage the visitor causes. If a visitor causes a significant problem, the Citizen who sponsored them shall not be entitled to sponsor any further visitors. Visitors shall report at least once in three (3) weeks to their Citizen sponsor in regard to their whereabouts & activities. When a Citizen looses contact with the visitor they sponsor for more than three (3) weeks, the Citizen shall immediately notify the Tourism Advisory Board as to where they suspect the visitor may be, & fully cooperate with any Boards requests relating to the visitor. If they believe the visitor may have become a security risk, they must advise in writing & obtain an acknowledged receipt from both the Tourism & the Security Advisory Boards in this regard. If necessary, the Sponsor & any Board notified in regard to a security risk of a visitor, should, as they determine, ensure the visitor is expelled from the region or planet, as is necessary in the situation.

Article. Section.:14.2 Residents

A Resident is a non Citizen who lives permanently or semi-permanently in a County where they lease property approved by a majority vote of a County Board of Directors or a majority of the people in the County. Any Resident who leases property must be formally registered as a Resident with the local County Boards of Directors, who shall be responsible for ensuring the Resident conforms to this Constitution. Full details of all Residents & leases shall be publicly viewable on the appropriate Boards of Directors websites.

Article. Section.:14.3 Refugees Seeking Asylum

Political refugees who seek asylum in any Peoplerisen County, must obtain permission from a majority vote of that County Board of Directors to temporarily move onto land designated & limited in purpose by the County Board of Directors for their specific use. Applications may be made directly to any County Board of Directors & shall be publicly listed on the County website. Political refugees may also apply for assistance from any Provincial, National or the International Board of Directors.

Article. Section.:14.4 Customs & Importing Goods

There will be no duty on imported or exported goods other than the duty to ensure that what comes into any Peoplerisen region is beneficial & not detrimental to the land & people. Imported goods must not possess any inherent threat or danger to people & the environment. Goods prohibited from import include:

The Security Advisory Board & County Boards of Directors at ports & points of entry to their County shall assign inspection duty to Citizens in their County who shall where necessary politely, efficiently & expediently inspect any imported goods & visitors for compliance with this Article & Constitution. Any & all Citizens have authority to inspect situations where they have good & reasonable grounds & suspicion to believe a person is in violation of these importation restrictions, however, not without observing all Constitutional due-process. Typical inspections should not take longer than five minutes & should not be obtrusive, unless the importer or visitor causes delay or the size of the imported shipment is such that it cannot be reasonably examined in five minuets, or where there is overwhelming evidence of serious & dangerous non compliance.

In any case where a Citizen Inspector finds real evidence that goods being imported pose a serious risk, the importation of the goods shall be delayed, & the Inspector/s shall immediately bring the imported goods to the attention of the Security Advisory Board & three (3) or more of the local County Board of Directors, who within at least forty eight hours (48h) set up an Administrative Meeting with the importer to determine if the goods may or may not be imported, or if further inspection & reasonable delay is required. Pursuant to the Due Process of this Constitution a Mediation session shall start as soon as possible with the importer & the County Board of Directors & Citizen Inspectors, to attempt to resolve the issue if it cannot be resolved in the Administrative Meeting. If the mediation does not resolve the importation issues within seven (7) days, the importer my request a trial by jury to authorize or deny the importation. The jury may order the goods be destroyed if they are of a nature that seriously threatened the planet, or returned to their origin if the goods are not in compliance with these terms. Details of the importer, County of entry, & goods denied importation, shall be published on a website setup by the Security Advisory Board for this purpose. Importers who have ever been denied the right to import goods by a jury must declare the details of said denial, or reference to the Security Advisory Board website that records said denials.

ARTICLE 15. Police & Military Power

A well educated & armed populous is generally a safe populous. Studies & practice repeatedly reveal that when people are put in authority over other people, they tend to abuse that authority, especially in prisons & with the police & military. The conscience of soldiers & police can easily be eliminated with rigid & repetitive training. The strict enforcement of ranks in any organization creates authority hierarchies that encourage oppression, barriers to liberty, lack of free thought, limited innovation, & at times insane & violent behavior. The establishment of standing armies & armed police, invariably leads to violent outcomes & oppression.

The people shall make up the police & military power of the Nation. There shall be no permanent military force nor any permanent police force. No atomic or biological weapons shall be developed, maintained or held by any person or entity in any of the Peoplerisen regions.

Private security Associations may provide local security services for the people, however, no such private security Association may form an army or posses large caliber weapons or weapons designed for mass destruction, such as explosives, tanks, fighter aircraft, bombers or armed drones. When a majority of a County or one quarter of a Province vote to disarm any individual or group in their region, the group or individual shall immediately get rid of all their weapons or leave the region; They may not bare arms in that region without detailed & explicit written permission from a majority of the people in the region.

Article. Section.:15.1 Identifying The Enemy

One of the greatest dangers & threats is not being able to identify the real enemy. To conquer a Nation, usually it must first be divided from within, against itself. Enemies inside a Nation are the most dangerous. Conflict is generally initiated by individuals or a small minority. The media, religion, racial intolerance, economic oppression, corrupt courts, State schools, secret societies such as the Jesuits & Masons, & the empowerment of evil individuals in government, along with false-flag operations, are most often employed to divide a people & make war. Rome/The Vatican & the old Roman Inner City-State of London/The Crown, have been responsible for instigating most wars over the last millennium. Loosely referred to as the Illuminati, these same powers, including the Nazi 3rd Reich & New Rome's 4th Reich a.k.a. New Rome/Washington D.C, funded by the owners of the US Federal Reserve Bank, Bank of England & the Vatican's Bankers, have been responsible for instigating most wars over the last century. The Jesuits, Masons, Nazi SS, KGB & the CIA, have been the primary secret gangs used to instigate wars by dividing Nations from within & in assassinating anyone who opposes their evil plans.

However, the most effective means of invasion has not been with weapons, it has been with money literally made out of nothing called “fiat-money”. The owners of the private US Federal Reserve Bank, World Bank, Bank of International Settlements, International Monetary Fund, along with other privately owned Central Banks & their franchise banks, have used their fiat-money & fractional-reserve banking to take control of governments, political parties, the media, military, police, judiciary, corporations, people’s homes & assets. Where the Illuminati cannot take control of a nation’s money supply & government, they cause internal conflict utilizing Jesuits, Masons & the CIA, & finally invade with the 4th Reich US Army (Washington D.C./New Rome's Army). TV & radio programming along with God & religion have been Rome's primary principles used to hypnotize & paralyze individuals into controllable states of stupor. The Security Advisory Board shall be responsible of ensuring all the people are well educated in regard to these issues.

Article. Section.:15.2 Effective Counter Measures

It is difficult to stir up discontent & division in a content & educated populous.

Effective counter measures to violence & war, & measures to bringing contentment & civilization, are: Eliminating poverty with Peoplerisen's Revenue-Share; Providing people security on the land with their Homestead; Ensuring security & community at the County level; Stabilizing the economy by eliminating the private ownership of central banks; Elimination of private banks ability to make money out of nothing; Ensuring people control their education & have open access to knowledge; Eliminating Gag-Orders on free-energy & anti-gravity Patents; Careful & considerate family planning.

The use of modern weapons such as missiles, drones & biological weapons, makes armies & traditional weapons ineffective against attack.

One of the most powerful weapons today, is the camera & ability to expose to the world any atrocity or aggression, especially when the horrors are exposed to the people within the offending Nation. Effective public exposure of atrocities & false-flags, can ward off an invasion. Ensuring that Internet & all media is open, without censorship, is critical.

Citizens in the United States & NATO Nations, rarely see the impact on people's lives from the bombs the US tax payers fund. Few even know the US Federal Reserve Bank is a private bank, even less know that it is owned by an international criminal banking cartel responsible for instigating most of the wars, recessions & depressions for personal profit. Despite irrefutable historical records, few people know Washington D.C. was founded on a Roman Catholic Jesuit colony literally called “New Rome”. As a consequence of State-schools, many young people don't even know the Roman Catholic Jesuits were responsible for the Inquisition, they don't even know what the Inquisition was. At least most people now realize Washington D.C. carried out the 9/11 terrorist attacks in 2001 & that the bankers are criminals.

Waking up people from inside an aggressive Nation like the US is key. Exposing their governments violence, coupled with commercial pressure against any offending Nation & its people, can be more powerful than any military weapon. Should US Citizens who pay tax & thus fund Washington D.C's terrorism, be allowed to travel or do business internationally? Companies & people who issue fiat-money & commit usury, should be arrested & prosecuted for fraud. Anyone involved in making war must be prosecuted for war crimes.

Citizens must be encouraged to publish the truth & expose false-flag events, & to expose those causing & benefiting from conflict. Exposure of the CIA, Catholic, Jesuit & Masonic involvement in wars, will help eliminate these criminal gangs. The Roman Catholic Church not only instigated the Crusades, they backed Napoleon, the British Crown, the Nazi's, Hitler & Washington D.C. They allegedly educated Mohamed & instigated Islam for the purpose of causing division. The use of religion as a dividing force, has been one of the primary tools for conflict.

Avoiding the Criminal Banking Cartels use of fiat-money, especially the US Dollar & the Euro, prevents foreign bankers from buying a Nation & enslaving its people with fiat-money they literally make out of nothing. Recognizing that the World Bank, BIS, IMF & the US Federal Reserve Bank are financial terrorists. Avoiding & eliminating fiat-money loans is crucial for global stability.

Supporting, defending & backing whistle-blowers who publish & expose corruption, should be activities every Citizen personally & actively engages in. Eliminating government, large corporate & foreign ownership of media is crucial. Encouraging individual authorship & media production, along with open Internet, is key.

It is necessary to identify & indict known individuals & secret-societies who are involved in terrorist activities such as the Vatican, Washington D.C., the English Crown, the Rothschild's, the Jesuit & Masonic secret-societies & others, & to indict, arrest & prosecute these criminals for their crimes. When these international terrorists enter any region they should be immediately arrested & prosecuted. All assets belonging to these Illuminati criminals who have been instrumental in instigating the wars, genocide & recessions, & the destruction of civilization & enslavement of mankind, need to be confiscated & returned to the people.

Conflict & war is started by dividing from within. This Universal Peoplerisen Constitution unites the people as one. As one we cannot be divided or defeated.

ARTICLE 16. Power & Energy Production & Supply

With the assistance of an Energy Advisory Board, free & sustainable energy sources & solutions shall be identified & promoted by all Boards of Directors. No gag-orders on energy technology shall be allowed or enforced. Any actions or attempts to buy-out or suppress free-energy technology shall be strictly prohibited & charged with high treason. No power systems that produce dangerous waste or radioactive waste or serious risks of catastrophic explosions shall be permitted. All State & State Assisted power generation & infrastructure shall be turned over to the people & operated without profit. Energy produced by the people for the people, shall be managed as a People’s Resource, without disregarding the typical personal power requirements of the people.

ARTICLE 17. Organizations & Greed

Article. Section.:17.1 Recognized Entities

Corporations, trusts & other entities shall cease to exist & may be freely transferred to Citizen owned Peoplerisen Associations conforming to this Constitution. Associations shall consist of a collective of identifiable individual persons or Peoplerisen Associations who may own various types of shares in the Association & who's owners shall ultimately be responsible for the Associations actions. Associations shall respect the rights, maxims & due-process established by this Constitution. Associations management structure, stock structure & voting may follow any form so long as the owners of the Association are identifiable for the liability of the Association.

Article. Section.:17.2 Monopolies

Monopolies in business & services shall be prohibited. The most effective means to eliminate a monopoly is for the people to band together & refuse to support a monopoly. Where by the vote of a majority of the people in a region, a person or Association or foreign Corporation, is determined to be an unhealthy monopoly, the people may vote to limit the monopoly in their region as they choose. By a resolution approved by a majority of the National Board of Directors, any Association that controls more than seventy five percent of a large National market shall be split in two, with separate non-associated ownership in each half. When separate Associations can be shown to be colluding to fix market prices they may be considered as one & treated as a monopoly.

Article. Section.:17.3 Realization Of Amassed Fortune

A Realization of Amassed Fortune is the assumption, by the people, of greedy individual’s grossly excessive assets to be distributed & shared equally amongst all Citizens in the same manner in which proceeds from Public-Resources are distributed. A person that amasses fortunes in excess of the equivalent value of ten tons of gold (10,000 kgG) to themselves, can be subject to a Realization of Amassed Fortune after one half of a Province's voters vote for a Realization of Amassed Fortune against the greedy persons assets in that Province. The Restitution Advisory Board shall govern any Realization of Amassed Fortune with oversight & assistance from other Boards.

As there is such enormous disparity amongst people on the planet, at the establishment of this Constitution this Article shall be invoked against any person on the planet who owns more than ten tons of gold.

Article. Section.:17.4 Birth Control

It is the duty of every Citizen to respect the fact that over population is a serious issue, & that people have a birth control duty to the planet. Under the guidance of the Medical & Health Advisory Boards, the County Boards of Directors should ensure that well informed, low cost & safe sterilization & birth control solutions are available in their regions.

When the forth (4th) child is born to a person, their right to a Homestead passes to their children & they must live on their child's Homestead or leased land. If none of their children have reached the age of eighteen, their homestead shall pass on to their first child to turn eighteen.

If none of their adult children will allow a parent to live at their homestead, & the parent is destitute, they shall have the right to a homestead of up to twenty five square meters. When the sixth (6) child is born to a person their right to any Revenue-Share or distribution form the Peoplerisen General-Fund shall be eliminated from that point, & they will have to rely on their own income or the generosity of their adult children to take care of themselves.

ARTICLE 18. Universal Matters

Mankind is finally waking up to the fact that humans are merely one species in a universe teaming with life & many other significantly more advanced extraterrestrial & Intra-terrestrial species & civilizations. The Old World Order that now calls itself the New World Order intentionally censored these universal facts in order to keep mankind enslaved & ignorant & believing in myths that subjected them to obeying imaginary gods & a small elite minority of people who made themselves kings, queens & their consorts. In 2001 “The Disclosure Project”, amongst many other disclosures by highly respectable & credible leaders, coupled with irrefutable evidence revealed the fact that the governments of the past have intentionally censored evidence of extraterrestrial & Intra-terrestrial life & civilizations. It is now well known that there are many extraterrestrial civilizations, some of whom visit planet earth & some of whom have had dealings with governments & people on earth. Evidence regarding Intra-terrestrials, some of whom operate in Deep Underground Military Bases, is also now available. It is also evident that in the past governments & the Catholic Church have secretly entered into negotiations & contracts with extraterrestrials. All such contracts entered into by past governments shall be void. No negotiations or contracts with extraterrestrials or Intra-terrestrials may be entered into in secret, & no contract shall be recognized without a majority of Peoplerisen Citizens voting in support there of.

Article. Section.:18.1 Extraterrestrials & Intra-terrestrials

No person or entity shall be prohibited with dealing with extraterrestrials or intra-terrestrials, however, any such dealing shall be publicly announced & fully disclosed to the Extraterrestrial & Intra-terrestrial Advisory Board & to the local County, Provincial, National & Universal Board of Directors in the regions of interaction or observation, & published on the public websites of those Boards. The Extraterrestrial & Intra-terrestrial Advisory Board & the Universal Board of Directors shall be responsible for monitoring & publicizing any & all important extraterrestrial & Intra-terrestrial activity on or in earth that they are aware of. Any extraterrestrial seeking Citizenship shall be subject to extra scrutiny, pursuant to the terms of nationalization in this Constitution & must be approved by a majority vote of each of the Boards of Directors in whose territory they wish to reside from the County Board of Directors to the Universal Board of Directors.

It is important to recognize that extraterrestrial civilizations have been visiting the earth for hundreds of thousands & even millions of years. It is also evident that Intra-terrestrials have lived in earth for potentially as long a period. As with all life, extraterrestrials & Intra-terrestrials are also to be respected & loved as people. Any person shooting at, harming or assaulting other beings who are not a genuine & dangerous threat, must be prosecuted for criminal assault.

Article. Section.:18.2 Human Health & Animal Rights

During the 1800's & 1900's & early 2000's, ninety percent of the planets non-human animals were killed & eaten by humans, largely as a consequence of out-of-control greed, primitive religious beliefs & lies promoted by meat boards, coupled with a psychotic lack of consciousness amongst mankind. Vast regions of ancient rain forests have been destroyed to mindlessly make way for meat production. Most humans are not even aware that many vegetables have not only significantly more protein, but more effectively digestible protein, than animal meat. Heart attacks, largely caused by eating meat, have become one of the leading causes of death in mankind. We pledge to correct this mindless horror & destruction. No being shall be subject to cruelty.

Advice from the worlds most intelligent people regarding eating meat reflects the reality:

Nothing will benefit human health & increase chances for survival of life on Earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet.” - Albert Einstein

On general principles the raising of cattle as a means of providing food is objectionable. It is certainly preferable to raise vegetables, & I think, therefore, that vegetarianism is a commendable departure from the established barbarian habit. That we can subsist on plant food & perform our work even to advantage is not a theory but a well-demonstrated fact.” - Nikola Tesla,

[Vegetarianism has a] powerful influence upon the mind & its action, as well as upon the health & vigor of the body. Until we stop harming all other living beings, we are still savages.” - Thomas Edison

There is no doubt that some plant food, such as oatmeal, is more economical than meat, & superior to it in regard to both mechanical & mental performance. Such food, moreover, taxes our digestive organs decidedly less, & in making us more contented & sociable, produces an amount of good difficult to estimate. In view of these facts every effort should be made to stop the wanton, cruel slaughter of animals, which must be destructive to our morals.” - Nilola Tesla

Other avid vegetarians include: Isaac Newton, Leonardo Da Vinci, Srinivasa Ramanujan, Edward Witten, Brian Greene & Clive Boustred the Founder & Architect of Peoplerisen.

ARTICLE 19. Office Locations, Flag & Seal

Article. Section.:19.1 Location

There will be no State Capital nor any Provincial or County Capitals. Virtual office locations for the various Boards shall be published by the Boards, who will notify Citizens in their region as necessary. Physical offices may be located at any & multiple locations in the universe as determined by the various Boards of Directors, who's locations shall be listed on their websites. The official electronic mailing contact address' of any Board of Directors, shall be posted on each Board of Directors websites.

Article. Section.:19.2 Seal & Flag

By a majority vote, Counties, Provinces & Nations may choose whatever seal & flag they wish.

ARTICLE 20. Transition

In order to effect a smooth effective transition from the old form of Stateism, Capitalism, Communism or Socialism to Peoplerisen, the following measures are enacted:

Article. Section.:20.1 Transition Training Teams

To manage the smooth transition to a Peoplerisen based government, transition teams shall be established to train & advise new Board of Directors & Citizens in the various regions. This transition training shall be funded by the people & any assets lawfully seized under this Article.

Article. Section.:20.2 Treason

After a majority of the people in a region have signed their name to this Constitution, the County followed by the Province & Nation, shall come under this Universal Peoplerisen Constitution & law. The former police, prosecutors, magistrates, judges & government officials & employees in that region, must by law stand down. Any individual who attempts to continue in their roles for the former government in a Peoplerisen region, commits High Treason against the people & this Constitutional Law, & they are subject to indictment & prosecution for High Treason, which may be initiated by any Citizen in the region. In order to facilitate a smooth transition, individuals who held positions in the former government should be placed on formal Notice by any Citizen & preferably by a large group of Citizens, so they have the opportunity to comprehend the former government who employed them, is no longer in charge, & the ramifications of committing High Treason.

Where a former government official threatens violence or attempts to arrest or prosecute any Citizen under the former law, that official may be immediately detained by any Citizen & a Grand Jury shall be formed to Indict the accused within seventy two (72) hours. The Grand Jury shall determine the relative threat the accused poses, to determine if they need to be held or released on bail for the Administrative Hearing, Mediation & Trial by Jury pursuant to the due-process of this Constitution.

Where a former government or individuals are a serious threat, with the guidance of the Security Advisory Board, the County, Provincial & National Boards of Directors shall coordinate with all Universal Peoplerisen Constitution regions, to establish & carry out effective transition strategies. Where the threat is immediate, such as foreigners shooting at Citizens, it is perfectly reasonable to shoot back in defense, however, taking into careful consideration the Defense Strategy & methods promoted in this Constitution to establish peace & non-violence.

Article. Section.:20.3 NOTICE of Making War; Order To Cease & Desist

We the people solemnly declare our independence, & formally give NOTICE of Making War to individuals, groups, corporations, banks, organizations & societies for their acts of Making War, Fraud, Criminal Racketeering, Genocide & Grand Theft, & we order them to cease & desist from any of the following activities:

  1. Inciting war & in carrying out false-flag operations for that purpose.

  2. Invading & occupying other Nations, & stealing land & resources.

  3. Taxing us & using our money to make war & implement corrupt Police-States & corrupt courts to oppress us & others.

  4. Using taxes to fund personal interests of politicians, their friends & corporations.

  5. Enforcing fraudulent fiat-money on us made out of nothing by private banks & allowing usury.

  6. Allowing banks to steal our natural resources, homes, farms, businesses & assets with fiat-money & fractional-reserve banking.

  7. Establishing codes that prosecute non-crime as crime. (For every crime all three elements of a crime must be present: the Act, Intent & Damage).

  8. Hiring the police, prosecutor, magistrates & judges who preside over cases the State charges, prosecutes & defends (A person who judges a case in which they have a personal interest, where for example one of the parties to the case is their employer, commits a crime that may carry the death penalty).

  9. Controlling education, the curriculum & media to dumb us down & make us subservient.

  10. Promoting myths as history & utilizing religion to divide the people & make war.

  11. Murdering those who oppose tyranny & corruption.

  12. Promoting & allowing others to forcing on us mind numbing chemicals, metals & genetically modified organisms, such as fluoride, lead, mercury, aluminum, etc. to control & harm us.

  13. Utilizing educational curriculum & media to hypnotize us for nefarious purposes & to incite war & hatred.

  14. Censoring extraterrestrial & Intra-terrestrial civilizations & life throughout the universe to keep us ignorant.

  15. Censoring free-energy & anti-gravity technology for the interests of oil & power companies & in placing gag-orders on patents to prevent human advancement.

  16. Causing our impoverishment & enslavement in involuntary servitude to foreign owned banks who control political parties & governments by recruiting traitors & the ignorant from amongst us.

We recognize that the best way to stop war, is through universal consciousness that simply does not accept war, & does not allow international criminal cartels to own our central banks & make money out of nothing; & to prevent governments from using taxes to build armies & militarized police. The strong will of the collective masses, is often all that is necessary to force criminals out of governance & stop war. Refusing to cooperate with corrupt government, shuts down the small minority's control of that government. Those who pay tax to a government that is engaged in terrorism & crimes, do themselves engage in & support terrorism & crime. Scorn alone, against those working for these terrorist governments, can help stop traitors amongst us from being used against us. In order to enslave a people, slaves need to be recruited from amongst the people as slave drivers.

Article. Section.:20.4 Smooth Transition Of Governance & Law

It is imperative to maintain an ordered & peaceful transition to this Universal Peoplerisen Constitution. Violence must be carefully avoided. It is important to recognize that this peaceful reformation can be disrupted by agents who infiltrate the movement for the express purpose of causing violence in an attempt to allow the outgoing State to institute a State of Emergency & Martial Law. Citizens should arrest & prosecute any person amongst them who instigates violence.

The criminal cartels who own the central banks have militarized the police for the express purpose of enforcing Martial Law. In many regions they have even prepared Concentration Camps to crush any movement that threatens their control of government & ability to make money out of nothing. Money they have utilize to enslave us & steal our resources. If the people stand together in the formation of this new Constitution, the people will not fail. As soon as a majority of the people signs this Constitution in a region, the former government's police are forced to stand down by law, & their lawful authority is eliminated. Any person who refuses to stand down from the old government once Peoplerisen is established in a region, should be arrested, indicted & prosecuted for high-treason pursuant to the Due Process under this Constitution. Where government officials have been guilty of committing criminal acts, they must also be indicted & prosecuted for their crimes, along with anyone who harbors these criminals, or attempts to cover up crime.

Pursuant to the Due Process in this Constitution, special prosecutors should volunteer & or be appointed & funded to indict & prosecute government employees, politicians, police, prosecutors, magistrates, judges, military officers, lawyers, bankers or any individual, who acted in excess of jurisdiction, or engaged in fraud, or fraudulent banking, or theft, or terrorism, or genocide, or initiated or sustained war, or enslaved humanity, or destroyed civilization by censoring information or solutions. Where there is a threat of important evidence of outrageous crime/s being covered up by officials, or any serious danger, the guilty parties should be indicted, arrested & held till the evidence is secured. Any person/s found destroying or covering up evidence of serious criminal acts, should be severely & punitively punished. Informants must be harbored & protected, & may be reasonably rewarded by the Boards of Directors or Citizen-Services. Leniency may be shown toward any guilty individual who offers information or preserves evidence of crimes in the interests of justice.

Article. Section.:20.5 Recovery Of Stolen Assets

The people have been plundered by criminals who have used money they literally make out of nothing, fraud war & genocide to steal what belonged to others & the people. These criminals have caused recessions, depressions & made war for personal profit & established monopolies to shut out competition. These stolen assets & profits from said criminal profiteering, shall be recovered to the people, & those responsible for the theft & crime, shall be brought to justice.

Article. Section.:20.6 Recovery Committees

The Restitution Advisory Board in cooperation with the various Boards of Directors shall establish teams to recover stolen assets & illegal profits to the people. As with all public operations & information, said Committees shall make all their dealings, findings & information publicly accessible on Internet. Said Committees may establish reasonable funding of their recovery operations which shall not exceed a quarter of the value of the assets they recover, & should preferably amount to two percent of the value of the assets they recover. The Boards of Directors shall attempt to recover the stolen assets at no cost to the people, so that their full value may be fairly distributed to the people. Due Process under this Constitution shall be followed in all recoveries.

Article. Section.:20.7 Asset Recovery Bounty

A bounty of two percent of the value of an asset recovered shall be paid to any third party who recovers stolen assets to the people. If the cost of recovery of said assets exceeds two percent, a bounty shall be negotiated prior to payment; A majority vote from the Restitution Advisory Board of Directors or by a majority vote from all the local Board/s of Directors in the affected region/s shall approve said bounty payments. Said bounty shall in no cases exceed fifty percent of the value of the asset.

Article. Section.:20.8 Fiat-Monetary Banking & Business Fraud & Racketeering

Banks have committed fraud in the production & use of fiat-money that is not backed by anything, & they have even charged interest on this fiat-money & committed usury. Bankers have also manipulated the markets, so as to devalue assets before purchasing or assuming them. Any bank, corporation or individual blatantly & significantly involved in said fraud, shall have all their assets seized, & the assets shall be utilized for the establishment & operations of Citizen-Services in service of the people. Excess funds shall be put in the General Fund for the benefit of all people.

Shutting down Major Corporation Raiders & Resetting of Corporate Ownership: With well over a century of fraudulent banking practices in addition to the instigation of wars & genocide, monopolization & fraud in business, insider fixed trading systems, & the censorship of various technologies by the BAR Association Courts, the ownership of most of the worlds assets lies in criminal hands, * needs to be reset. In order to prevent chaos & anarchy, the distribution of ownership of these fraudulently acquired assets, needs to be carefully & fairly managed in the interests of the people & planet. Ownership of businesses may be distributed fairly amongst the founders, employees who did the work building the company, customers & public, recognizing that wher a business performs a significant public benefit, those who bring about the benefit, including founders, employers & customers, should be rewarded. Competition & free markets should be encouraged, & funds may also be provided to competent startup competitors, on an open bid basis, so as to shut down the monopolization of markets. However, public funding of businesses should only be provided in crucial circumstances to benefit the public in general, & must always be completely public & published on all the Board of Directors websites in the regions of influence. Competition can also be encouraged by forcing monopolies to advertise competing products & industries, as well as making these monopolies market channels for supply & distribution etc., available to the competitors.

Article. Section.:20.9 Temporary Money

Regions who do not have access to the Citizen-Services banking services, may utilize existing fiat-money systems until the Citizen-Services banking is establish in their region, or they may use temporary I Owe You (IOU) Notes to facilitate basic commerce in their region. These temporary IOU Notes should preferably not be for large amounts; All IOU Notes should be produced in duplicate, identifying clearly the date, the name of person issuing the Note & to Whom it is issued, a description of the goods or services, with the signature of both parties on the Notes, one to be kept by the buyer & one for the seller. With the two duplicate copies of the IOU Notes, where necessary, balance of payments will be credited to each party on the Citizen-Services banking system when it is available, with oversight by the various Boards of Directors & Public Resource Teams. The valuation on the temporary IOU Notes should be denominated in, & accurately reflect their value, in grams of gold (gG).

Article. Section.:20.10 Payback For Launch Contributions

Individuals who significantly set out to implement PeopleRisen, & Significant Donors who finance the launching this Peoplerisen, may claim back up to ten times their standard reasonable rates & or the financial amount donated for assisting in launching Peoplerisen. These claims should be settled after a Universal Peoplerisen Constitution region is established by their efforts in that region.

Article. Section.:20.11 Prison Industrial Complex & Justice

Criminal racketeering has been common practice amongst the former governments who prosecuted people for non crimes to benefit themselves, lawyers & the prison industrial complex with jobs & income. Where a person was prosecuted for a non-crime, in which there was no damage to a real party of interest, their conviction shall be reversed, & if they are incarcerated, they shall be immediately released. Victims of criminal racketeering & malicious prosecution may prosecute those who prosecuted them, & are entitled to restitution for damages. Any person who was prosecuted in a case where the judge & prosecution were both employed by the State, & without any undue pressure they did not in writing consent to the trial, they shall be entitled to Due Process pursuant to this Constitution in an expedient manner, taking into account reasonable delays caused as a consequence of the transition to this Constitution. The County Board of Directors with the guidance of the Due Process, Badlands & Restitution Advisory Boards shall ensure any victims of injustice in their region are afforded expedient justice in this regard.

Article. Section.:20.12 Victims of Wars & Oppression

Members of the Roman Catholic Church, Vatican, Jesuits, Masons, Knights of Malta, Yale Bones Club, CIA, Counsel on Foreign Relations, military, police & other organizations & individuals having been directly involved in instigating & carrying out war, may be prosecuted for said criminal acts & held liable for paying restitution to the victims by any victim/s or person/s who competently represent a victim or victims. All assets & land stolen in war shall be returned to the rightful owners, & where no victim can be found, to the people equally. Any person or organization who fails to immediately return stolen assets in their possession or control to the victim/s, or people if the victim/s cannot be found, shall be implicated in & also held accountable for the act of war or crime. The concept of sovereign immunity or authority is void in this Constitution.

Article. Section.:20.13 Grand Jury Indictment, Warrant For Arrest & Seizure of Assets.

When sufficient Universal Peoplerisen Citizens have signed this Constitution, it shall serve as a Grand Jury Indictment, Warrant For Arrest & Order to Seize the Assets in the name of the People, of those so lawfully Indicted under this Article 20 of this Constitution.

Agents of the Old World Order governments that call themselves the New World Order, having committed crimes under the color of law against the people, are indicted for any of the following crimes, their arrest & prosecution may be initiated by any competent & diligent Citizens pursuant to the Due Process in this Constitution:

Competent Grand Juries, Mediators & Trial Juries must be formed by Citizens to diligently & fairly process these indictments, arrests & prosecutions. Any citizens prosecuting these cases should be highly competent & capable, so as to prevent guilty parties from escaping justice & ensure fair mediation & a fair trail.

Any & all Assets seized under this Article, shall be held in the name of the people. No Assets shall be unreasonably seized, or unnecessarily place a party who’s presumption of guilt is not certain, under any unreasonable hardship. Following the lawful conviction pursuant to the Due Process dictated by this Constitution, the Assets seized under this Article shall be placed in the General Fund & or listed as resources belonging to the people.

By ratifying this constitution & becoming a Citizen, a person formally denounces & withdraws their membership in any of the committees, orders, associations, groups & gangs identified in this Article, & comes under the protection of the people in all Peoplerisen regions in this regard. Wherever a Citizens security is at risk in this regard, the County, Provincial, National & Universal Boards of Directors may be approached & must ensure all necessary measures are taken to protect the Citizen. Citizens who are charged for crimes under this article who show significant cooperation with the people in resolving crimes & the damages caused, should be show leniency by any mediator or jury.

Bail & prosecution in this regard, shall be measured on rank & seniority, discounted against a willingness to cooperate in fairly implementing Peoplerisen, & in recognizing that while many members of these groups were ignorant, they may not have intentionally engaged in criminal acts. By ratifying the Universal Peoplerisen Constitution, in most instances, any person arrested under this Clause should secure an immediate release without any cost of bail, as long as they cooperate to the best of their ability with the people in exposing the truth, recovering stolen assets, & in bringing criminals to justice & in fairly implementing Peoplerisen. Where a Grand Jury believes the release of the individual poses a serious risk to the public, they may issue appropriate arrest warrants & measures to hold the criminal during mediation & trial.

Article. Section.:20.14 Vindication Clause

With a full & comprehensive written or recorded public confession made to the County & National Board of Directors where crime/s were committed, Citizens who go above & beyond the call of duty to implement Peoplerisen, may be released on Bail & should be afforded the opportunity to have penalties for their past crimes proportionately reduced in reflection of their service in implementing Peoplerisen. The opposite should apply to those who resist Peoplerisen’s liberation. Said confessions must list the names of all co-conspirators the confessor is aware of. The local County & National Board of Directors must fully publish said confessions on their websites within one years of the confession & preferably at the time the confession.


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